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Ford Transit Courier Van Review

October 31st, 2022

The Ford Transit Courier at a glance

Ford has introduced a Limited model of their Transit Courier van as the newest addition to their compact Transit range. Ideal for single-person operators, such as independent delivery drivers or small businesses and mobile operations, the Transit Courier is a small van with more practicality than a van-based car – making it perfect for people who want an upgrade or are new to driving a van and are looking for that little bit of extra space.

The Transit Courier offers a generous loading space despite its smaller stature, with a single row of seats for a driver and passenger at the front to maximise space for cargo in the back. The double rear doors and sliding side door, along with its size, allow for quick and easy access, perfect for those constantly on the go and require fast loading and unloading.

Engines and Spec 

There is the option for either a petrol engine or diesel engine for the Transit Courier. The more eco-friendly option of the 1.0-litre 3-cylinder Ford EcoBoost petrol engine offers more power and efficiency. 

With this engine you get 100hp (which is the equivalent horsepower to that of a 1.6-litre petrol engine) with reduced CO2 emissions, resulting in better fuel economy. This is perfect if you wish for a more environmentally conscious engine without compromising on power. It also makes this van a great option for those who are often driving through towns and cities in stop-start traffic or who make frequent stops on their journeys.

If you require the power of a diesel engine, you are greeted with the option of either a 1.5-litre 75hp four-cylinder turbo diesel engine, or (even greater) with 100hp – this is an improvement on the previous 95hp 1.6-litre engine that was available with previous models of the Transit Courier. 

However, it is worth noting that only the 75hp engine is available as a diesel option for the Limited model. If you tend to make longer journeys or often travel on motorways, then these engines will be the most fuel economical for your driving habits.

Both the petrol and diesel engines operate using 6-speed manual transmission and Auto Stop-Start, which is much more economical than that of a 5-speed transmission and offers you smooth transition between gears for a more comfortable drive.


You may be asking, does the Transit Courier have a good payload? We understand that based on appearance you may be sceptical of its storage abilities, yet – despite its compact size – the Transit Courier has a relatively generous payload and loading space.

With a length of 1,620mm, width of 1,488mm and height of 1,244mm, the loading space provides a carrying capacity of 2.3m3. Fear not if you have longer items that you often transport – there is also the option for the length of the loading space to be extended; the mesh bulkhead dividing the load space from the cabin can be folded back on the passenger side to enable items of up to 2.59 metres long to be loaded into the van.

The tie-down points to secure your cargo have also been practically placed, being located just above the floor in order for more ease when securing cargo without having to navigate obstructions on the floor.

As for the payload, it can hold up to 566-582kg, which is less than the 660kg payload previous generations of the van could carry before the Transit Courier had a remodel back in 2018.

For driver comfort and practicality, there is a 6” touchscreen display (with Ford SYNC3 radio) that is located in a high-up, central position to be in easier view of the driver. It offers hands-free calling and music playback, as well as emergency assistance to enhance driver safety. There is also the option to include a rearview camera to assist in parking (along with the built-in parking sensors) and navigation system at an additional cost – ideal if you are having to make multiple deliveries or always driving to new or unfamiliar areas.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive loading space considering the van’s size.
  • Practical for fast and frequent deliveries.
  • Impressive fuel economy.


  • Slightly lower payload compared to previous generations.
  • Petrol engine, while economical, is less ideal for longer distance journeys, though there is the option for a diesel engine.

The Verdict 

The Ford Transit Courier is a practical small van that we believe is especially ideal for those who do regular deliveries and are looking for the convenience of a little extra space compared to a large car. Their compact size makes them perfect for driving down narrow lanes and awkward spaces, making them practical choices for when you need to access an array of different locations.

The option for an Auto Start-Stop petrol engine makes the Transit Courier an excellent choice of van for town and city driving, whilst the option for a diesel engine means it is also ideal for regular long-distance journeys. The option to choose either depending on which would best suit your needs allows it to meet the best fuel economy in regards to your driving routes, whilst simultaneously benefiting you for the most comfortable drive.

If you are looking to upgrade to a van and think the Ford Transit Courier is for you, then Van Sales UK is the dealership you need. All the new Ford vans we offer come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and 1-year breakdown cover. Get in touch with us today to discuss the zero-deposit financing options we can offer you.


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