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Ford Transit Custom Review

Ford Transit Custom Review
November 17th, 2022

The Ford Transit Custom at a glance

The Ford Transit Custom was introduced in 2012, and essentially divides Ford’s Transit van range in two. The Custom’s function was to specialise in the medium, “one-tonne” van market, allowing Ford to let the full-size Transit focus on the larger “two-tonne” van sector.

Ford’s spinoff was initially designed with an eye on the burgeoning luxury market, giving Transit Custom’s interior a distinctly car-like appearance. However, it was these car-like aspects of the Transit Custom that became its most detracting features, as the interiors seemed to exclusively take only the worst elements of dashboard design – being fiddly, complicated, and ergonomically dissatisfying.

However, in the latest version of the Transit Custom, Ford has rejuvenated the interiors, giving it a proper luxury feel with lots of space, and in abiding by Euro 6 regulations, the engine is much more balanced with its application of power.

It is marquee improvements such as the interior redesign and the improved engine which make the Ford Transit Custom an excellent choice for a medium-sized van. It is available at a reliable van outlet such as Van Sales UK, as a combi or medium panel van with both long and short wheelbases, ideal for the versatile contexts of both commercial and private users.

Engines and Spec

In response to the Euro 6 regulations, the Ford Transit Custom has been fitted with a 2.0-litre TDCi EuroBlue turbodiesel engine, which although has less power than previous incarnations of the Transit Custom, employs its power more effectively and is much quieter too. The 130hp middle power output version is the most versatile choice and has had a 20% increase in torque at lower revs, making it easier to move heavy loads.

As a “mild hybrid”, the fuel economy can reach up to 40mpg, depending on the van’s contents and your driving style. The Transit Custom’s versatility is increased even further with 6-speed automatic and manual availability.

The Ford is joyfully agile to drive and doesn’t suffer any sort of body roll in corners – whatever the load. This being said, it drives so well with a load in the back (due to its remarkable improvement in torque) that it feels a touch too bouncy when empty.


As discussed earlier, the previous versions of the Transit Custom were severely let down by the chaotic concept of its interior. However, Ford has resolved these issues with thoughtfulness and care, ditching the fiddly dashboard with a touchscreen infotainment screen which almost appears to float gracefully. The best car interiors have a design which makes the complex simple, all with ergonomic and stylistic elegance, something Ford has translated from their cars effectively.

The Transit Custom also boats a whopping 25 litres of storage space in the instrument panel alone and excellent cup-holder distribution around the cab. This, amongst the newly redesigned seats and their multiple comfort settings, ensure a constant luxury in the Ford.

Connectivity to iPhone and Android devices improves the Transit Custom’s user-friendly, luxury experience, and even has logical voice control, where you only need to say “I want a coffee”, for example, for it to show you the various nearby options.

A cynic might say that this interior doesn’t quite offer the ease and luxury of the VW Transporter. This might be fair, but it is nonetheless impressive to see Ford consciously attempt to refine the user experience of its vans rather than relying on its famed reputation.

Pros & Cons


  • Quiet yet powerful engine
  • Improved interior design
  • Increased torque improves driving with a load


  • Feels bouncy without a load
  • Needs further to distinguish itself from the competition

The Verdict

With the Transit Custom, Ford has refined the issues in the previous model with care and detail. These improvements make it more suitable for its two main target markets – commercial users in need of medium-sized vans and the private sector looking for luxury vehicles of a wider variety.

Ford’s improvements are impressive, but I would warrant that for the Transit Custom to fully thrive in its prospective markets, it might need further technological improvements to make the driving experience more advanced. Whilst its “logical voice control” is excellent for finding the nearest McDonald’s (a quality one must never underestimate in a vehicle), the Ford is lacking in the advanced technology and safety systems of many of its rivals.

I think there’s nothing wrong with this no-nonsense approach, and I think it will be appreciated by commercial users, but I fear it might get slightly sidelined in the lucrative luxury vehicle market, one which prioritises driving technology as well as user comfortability. The Ford Custom Transit is nonetheless a viable and reliable option for a variety of commercial and private uses, and its engine is an undeniable marvel to experience.

If you’re interested in the Ford Transit Custom or any other new, used, or electric vans, contact Van Sales UK at 0117 205 0666 and


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