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Ford Transit Dropside Review

April 20th, 2023

The Ford Transit Dropside at a glance

Over the past four decades, the Ford Transit has made a name for itself as the third best-selling van of all time. Its long reign as one of the world’s most celebrated van models can be pinned to its consistent principles of quality, durability and versatility – principles that have not budged after four different generations. Specifically, the Dropside model is designed to safely transport both passengers and cargo with ease, and is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.

The design of a dropside vehicle consists of a large, open cargo space with hinged sides and tailboards, which allow them to be dropped below floor level for easy loading. As a result, dropsides are frequently favoured by tradespeople in numerous industries – including landscapers, gardeners, roofers, refuse collectors and more – thanks to the convenience and fantastic payload capacity that they offer. Naturally, then, when you combine this design with the Transit’s powerful running gear, refined cabin and smooth driving experience, it’s clear that this is a van that’s perfect for commercial use.

To find out more about the Ford Transit Dropside and which industry professionals could benefit most from driving it, keep reading.

Engines and Spec

Beneath the bonnet of the Transit Dropside, users are met with a 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine – a motor that boasts 13% more efficiency than the preceding 2.2-litre engine. This is great news for businesses who are attempting to prioritise sustainability in their operations, not to mention the fact that you’ll make some savings all the while.

Moreover, with the Transit’s top end model hitting an impressive power output of 185hp, performing zippy manoeuvres in congested urban spaces whilst carrying heavy loads are easily achievable. And whilst we’re on the subject of heavy loading, tradespeople who frequently have to transport bulky equipment or materials will be pleased to know that the largest dropside variant has a payload capacity of 1,388kg. Tradespeople can also customise their load areas to meet the needs of their work thanks to Ford’s inclusion of tie-down hooks for additional security.


Naturally, for a vehicle whose cab has been perfected over four generations, the Transit Dropside’s interior proves to be well refined in its design and practicality. Drivers and passengers alike will be pleasantly surprised to discover just how comfortable and quiet this van’s cab is – with plush, adjustable seats and a complete lack of road and engine noise – it offers a nice space to relax after a long day on the job. The cab is also impressively spacious, with plenty of storage options for stashing paperwork, small pieces of equipment and personal items.

The cab is also packed full of great technological features, including a 8” touchscreen infotainment system with Ford Sync3 software which allows you to use Bluetooth, Apple Carplay, Android Auto and satellite navigation. There is even onboard WiFi for professionals who need to respond to customer enquiries on the go.

Industries wherein driving on adverse road conditions is a frequent occurrence will likely benefit from the abundance of safety features on offer. Included as standard are load-adaptive electronic stability control (ESC), Side Wind Stabilisation and Roll Stability Control systems – all of which ensure not only that loads can be transported safely, but also that the driving experience for everyone onboad remains comfortable.

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful, fuel efficient engine
  • Strong, versatile loadspace
  • Smooth driving experience


  • Many great features don’t come as standard

The Verdict

With a powerful yet efficient engine, well-thought out interior and strong payload ratings, the reasons behind the Ford Transit’s lasting popularity are glaringly obvious. The dropside model in particular provides a highly reliable commercial vehicle experience – capable of transporting heavy cargo and multiple crew members, whilst still manoeuvring with ease through urban environments and on motorways. The dropside design means that for bricklayers, roofers and fencers, unloading sizable equipment has never been more straightforward.

If you’re an industry professional who is interested in what this van has to offer you and your business, Van Sales UK can help. We supply an extensive range of commercial vehicles at highly competitive prices, and are committed to helping you find the right vehicle for your requirements. If you have any questions about the Ford Transit Dropside, or any of our other vans, please get in touch.


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