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Ford Transit Dropside Review

Ford Transit Dropside Review
November 17th, 2022

Ford Transit Dropside At A Glance

Ford vehicles are well-known for their reliability and fantastic additional features, with plenty of variations on the flagship model. The Transit Dropside is one such desirable option, well-suited to a number of tasks and applications. In possession of many signature additions, but with the practical benefits of a dropside van, the side and tailboards are hinged for easy loading – brilliant for those within the light construction sector. Carry a mix of loads and equipment within the cushy interior and versatile loading area, while benefiting from signature Ford details

The original Ford Transit van has of course been an absolute leader in the market since it was launched in the mid- 1960s, and although there are plenty of competitors within the dropside sector, this regularly-updated variant ticks all the boxes. An award-winning design is just the beginning, while accessories and beneficial optional storage features go without saying. Suited to several industries and retaining a roomy passenger-friendly cab, browse the online Van Sales UK catalogue and discover your new everyday work van.

The true definition of a 21st Century Ford work van, continue reading for an extensive breakdown of features, desirable add-ons and notable drawbacks,  with this tried-and-tested model not short of handy features. From the exact payload specs to information on the innovative e-Transit, discover the pros and cons of investing in this comfortable-to-drive dropside option.

Engines and Spec

The engine and technical specs of this Ford are well worth a browse if you’re considering financing or acquiring this versatile vehicle as a pre-used model. Impressive on-paper and in application, the configured vehicle body offers 3-way tipping capability, an optimised rear auto-latch tailboard, and comprehensive alloy dropside. Further features and favourable details include a variable towbar. When full, the capacity of the  engine will last around 6000 miles before a refill is needed, and the  2.0 diesel EcoBlue set-up is as economical as it is effective. Sustainably manufactured and designed to lessen emissions, it will offer a 13% fuel economy improvement over the old 2.2-litre engines.

Further specs include external length of 5686mm, width of 2492mm and height of 2170mm, making this dropside variant surprisingly bulky and complete. Interior dimensions really emphasise the space available for storage, with a length of 3200mm, 2070mm width and bodyside height of 400mm. As standard, this variant will be a 3 seater chassis cab, with plenty of legroom and relaxation space for passenger and driver (which we’ll cover in more detail later).

Overall there are all manner of desirable specs when you consider Ford for a dropside vehicle, with easy functionality and an environmentally-conscious engine which hardly guzzles down fuel. Keep yourself updated on the Van Sales site for exclusive deals and offers on this kitted-out van choice.


The interior is where things really start to take shape, with plenty of inspiration taken from other ford road vehicles. From the varied tech features, to clear interest in crafting a comfortable passenger journey, tradies who generally travel longer distances are likely to love this adaptable van. Avoid boredom on the roads with the in-cab entertainment system, while those taking a ride in the Transit Dropside are unlikely to feel cramped or constrained. Optional safety features include fall rails fitted above the deck of the body, steel grab handles and fold-out footsteps.

Storage & Payload

Storage and payload requirements are likely to vary depending on your line of work and intended use of a vehicle or fleet, with Ford catering to various crowds with their diverse options and desirably roomy interior storage. A payload of 1175kg accompanies three level load lashing, and a 400kg gantry capacity lets you lash loads of all shapes and sizes. The space itself allows for storage of larger utilities and varied larger oddly-shaped objects, making the dropside section a capable section for every accessory, tool stash or haul of equipment.

Optional storage features include an integrated  Ingimex tool trunk and plastic, lockable toolbox fitted underneath the body. These tool boxes can be fitted during production of the body – handy for when time is off the essence.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenience and tech features
  • Desirable fuel economy
  • Remains road-ready despite


  • Some safety features are only optional
  • Payload may be higher within other vehicles
  • Environmental friendliness is lacking (though the e-Transit is available)

The Verdict

Effortlessly modern and with enough features to make the most of, the Ford Transit

Dropside may not be an absolute leader within its category, but you could certainly class it as a ‘Jack Of All Trades’. There are cheaper vans on the market and certainly those with enhanced storage, but for fuel economy and a smooth passenger experience, you’ll struggle to find better ones.

To discover all the Ford Transit Dropside has to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales UK. We’re here to answer any questions you may have! Call us now on 0117 428 7721 or send an email to


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