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Ford Transit Luton Review

September 21st, 2022

The Ford Transit Luton at a glance

The Ford Transit Luton has been a reliable van used by businesses for years as a light commercial vehicle, able to transport cargo and passengers with space to spare. Since 1965, the Transit range of vans has sold over 8 million worldwide, making it one of the best-selling vans of all time.

Luton vans are known for incorporating an enclosed box body over the cab, increasing its load capacity. This makes them a great choice for moving a large number of items at once, or if the items are quite large and bulky. This is why Luton vans are very popular in the removals industry, but can also be used in any industry where transporting efficiently is desired, especially if the payload being carried is of a strange shape that would not fit into standard vans.

The fourth-generation Transit launched in 2013 and recently underwent a facelift in 2020, redesigned the dashboard and front of the van. Read on to find out more about the brand new engine you can expect in your Ford Transit Luton.

Engines and Spec

During the 2020 update to the Ford Transit, the engine was updated for markets outside the Americas. Previously four Duratorq diesel engines were used, which have now been replaced by a single 2.0L EcoBlue inline-4 turbo diesel engine. The engine architecture is capable of delivering more than 200 PS and is available in both a 2.0-litre and a 1.5-ltre variant.

The engines meet Euro 6 emissions standards and are designed to reduce friction and deliver a clean-burning combustion system. It does this by offsetting the piston against the cylinder wall by 10mm, decreasing friction and wear.

The lightweight engine block reduces noise and vibrations, while the centralised eight-hole-nozzle piezo injectors allow diesel to be injected at a much higher bar than previous models.

EcoBlue engines are more powerful, fuel efficient and cleaner than the Ford engines that preceded them. The variant Van Sales UK stocks is the 20-L 130 PS version with a BHP of 130, capable of delivering 96 kW of power and 385 N⋅m of torque.


The new Ford Transit uses a unibody chassis design instead of a separate frame, allowing for an increase in payload capacity by up to 600 pounds. The interior is what you would expect from an average Luton/box van, a large area for a payload in all three dimensions: load length, width and usable interior height. This is complete with sections to attach straps that will help to secure goods.

The Luton overhang is accessible from the back of the van, and can be used to store smaller goods. If buying an option with tail lift attached, the controls of the tail lift rest inside the van by the pull-down back door for easy access. The tail lift then conveniently folds up to be flush with the van when not in use.

As previously mentioned, the Ford Transit went through a mid-cycle model revision in 2020, which can be easily seen in the updated dashboard and appearance of the vehicle. It has space for three in the front, perfect for a small work crew.

Pros & Cons


  • EcoBlue engine provides fewer emission and less friction
  • An easy, comfortable drive
  • Tail lift option available for easy loading and unloading of goods


  • Rival vehicles have higher payloads
  • Noise pollution can be higher in newer models
  • AdBlue liquid needs replacing periodically

The Verdict

With one of the largest load capacities in the Ford Transit range, it’s not difficult to see why a Luton Van is used by thousands across the country as a work van. Easy access to the van and a superb performance has fully cemented it as one of the leading vans on the market.

If you’ve been won over by the impressive performance and design of the Ford Transit Luton, shop with Van Sales UK for new and used Ford vans. We offer a three-year warranty and free breakdown cover for all our vans, as well as free fast delivery and exceptional prices.

We’re able to offer the Ford Transit Luton starting from £299 + VAT, with options for leasing, finance and part exchange available.

To enquire about the Ford Transit Luton, or any other vans we sell, call us now on 0117 428 7721 or send an email to


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