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Ford Transit Van vs Ford E-Transit Electric Van

January 24th, 2023

There is no question that the Ford Transit is iconic. After all, it is one of the world’s best-selling vans and is a constant sight on our roads and highways. Over the years the van has built up a reputation as a capable, powerful, and reliable vehicle that is brilliant for carrying large and heavy loads. This is why the van is now a favourite for many tradespeople and can be found all over the world. Over the years the van has of course seen a variety of upgrades and improvements which have only added to the vehicle’s impeccable reputation.

Now in 2023, the vehicle world is going through one of its largest revolutions since the birth of the car over 100 years ago. As the climate crisis continues to progress and the finite reality of fossil fuels becomes more and more real we have had to create an alternative. There have been many thoughts by some of the world’s leading scientists and innovators on what this alternative should be. Some say hydrogen is the best option however the leading alternative at the moment is of course electric cars.

Electric vehicles are now extremely capable which means there are a myriad of carbon-free vehicles to choose from. They are so popular in fact that you can now buy vans that are powered completely by an electric motor. One of these such vans is the new Ford E-Transit. So, which is best for you, the standard diesel option or the brand-new electric model?

Engines and Spec

The diesel option for the Ford Transit comes with the modern 2.0-litre EcoBlue turbodiesel engines. These engines have been tried and tested for a number of years and have built up an incredible reputation. They are reliable, well-made, and extremely powerful. So, you certainly won’t have any issues with heavy loads or long journeys. This diesel engine comes with a variety of power options ranging from 105 bhp to 185 bhp. This, of course, is a lot of power for a van and will certainly stand you in good stead. However, the most impressive thing about these diesel engines is how much torque they have. The lowest power options produce a staggering 360 Nm of torque while the largest engine is capable of 415 Nm!

The electric model is of course incredibly powerful and the beauty of these new electric motors is how instantly that power is transferred to the wheels. They are renowned for their high torque capabilities and impeccable reliability. The E-transits electric motors are no different and incredibly powerful. The van comes with a 184 bhp motor and a 269 bhp model.


As you might expect the interiors of both of these vans are impeccable. Ford really knows how to get that feeling of luxury into the van all while maintaining practicality and comfort. Both of the cabs are light and spacious and feature brilliant driving positions so you will always feel safe and secure while driving. This can make a huge difference if you’re carrying a large load or have to reverse into a tricky spot when you get to the site.

The electric option also features some modern technology as well such as the option to have an 8.0-inch digital display with Apple CarPlay capabilities. This will certainly make your morning commutes far more bearable!

The fact is that both the electric and diesel models really have a car-like feel to their interiors and they will certainly make you and your passengers feel comfortable and safe.

The Verdict/Snap shot

Of course, the diesel option really doesn’t compete with the electric model when it comes to running costs. The electric model is completely free to charge at any of the fast charging points dotted around the country and will take up very little of your mains power to charge. What’s more, until 2025 you won’t need to pay a penny in road tax! The money-saving capabilities don’t just stop there though! If you do a lot of city driving you’ll thank yourself for going electric as you won’t have to pay any congestion charges or low emission zone fees!

As for the payloads, both the diesel and the electric have incredibly capable statistics. The diesel option has slightly higher numbers however you certainly won’t be disappointed with either of the models.

If either the electric or diesel Ford Transit is the right van for you then feel free to contact us today! Our friendly staff are extremely experienced and would love to talk you through your next options. We have years of experience and are trusted by many van owners across the country!


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