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Fuso Canter Tipper Review

September 16th, 2022

The Fuso Canter Tipper at a glance

There’s a reason that the Fuso Canter Tipper is one of the most popular vehicles in its class. This van’s lightweight, practical and versatile design makes it perfect for those in construction, gardening, landscaping and clearance.

What’s more, its compact cab and responsive handling capabilities make it the perfect choice for work in built-up urban areas and tighter spaces. Don’t be fooled by this van’s size thought, it may be on the smaller side, but it is incredibly tough.

Boasting a sturdy Scattolini tipper bed, independent cab suspension and a spacious interior, this van is a solid choice for those looking for practicality and versatility, without sacrificing comfort.

Read on to discover our favourite features and find out why the Canter Tipper from Fuso could be the right van for you.

Engines and Spec

So, how does this vehicle perform in terms of technical specifications? Below the bonnet is an impressive 3.0-litre diesel engine which delivers 130bhp and gives the Canter more than enough torque to carry a full load. The 5-speed manual gearbox makes a welcome change to the abundance of automatic vehicles on the market today and gives drivers added power and control.

In addition to a powerful diesel engine, the Canter also comes with stop/start functionality and an eco-mode as standard, ensuring improved fuel economy as well as reduced carbon emissions.

As mentioned above, this model is factory fitted with a Scattolini body for tipper and dropside applications, making loading and unloading straightforward and efficient. Considering its size, we were particularly impressed with the Canter’s payload capabilities; the 3.28m by 2.1m tipper bed has a maximum payload of 950kg, making it the perfect choice for quick site trips, debris removal and material transport.

Driving & Handling

When it comes to driving and handling in the Fuso Canter, there is no denying it is a nippy little van. The wide windscreen, large windows and foldable door mirrors equate to brilliant visibility when driving, parking and manoeuvring. This, combined with a cab width of under 2m makes it perfect for navigating tight spaces, winding roads and busy urban environments.

Another feature that contributes to the impressively smooth ride, is the Canter’s independent front suspension. This is one of our favourite design elements, as the Canter Tipper is capable of a comfortable driving experience, even with heavier loads.

Oh, and did we mention that this great little vehicle can be driven on a standard UK driving license?


Taking a look at the interior, one of the first things to become apparent is its spaciousness. The cab’s 2-metre width, wide open doors and deep side windows give it an open feel, with plenty of light and, as mentioned above, visibility. This does a lot to counteract the somewhat compact external appearance and isn’t far behind many of the larger vans on the market today.

As expected of a single cab model, the van features 3 side-by-side seats, each offering decent comfort and support, even if they are a little closer together than certain competitors.

Security-wise, the Canter offers everything you’d expect from a modern van, including central locking and a full alarm system. What’s more, the reinforced doors and strengthened cab structure give the cab an incredibly sturdy feel, improving security and safety simultaneously.

Pros & Cons


  • Compact design
  • Eco functions
  • Independent front suspension


  • Smaller payload than larger competitors
  • 1-way tipping functionality

The Verdict

As far as lightweight vans are concerned, the Fuso Canter Tipper goes above and beyond. The compact cab, independent front suspension and 3.0-litre diesel engine give it an agile feel when transporting cargo while the factory-fitted, low-bed Scattolini platform makes loading and unloading efficient and easy.

What the Fuso Canter Tipper Lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in potential. Though it may not offer the huge payloads of larger competitors, its size and drivability make it perfect for travelling back and forth from sites, through urban environments and in tighter locations.

Here at Van Sales UK, we are pleased to offer the Fuso Canter Tipper for only £359 + VAT per month, with fast free delivery and a 3-year warranty.

If this method of finance isn’t ideal, don’t worry. This van is also available for outright purchase, hire purchase, finance lease and contract hire!

To discover all that the Fuso Canter Tipper has to offer, get in touch with our team today.

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