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How Do Van Driving Conditions Differ Between Seasons?

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December 7th, 2023

Driving conditions can affect everything from your outright visibility, to stopping distance and handling – with the season itself an important deciding factor. Far from the only variable at play, weather and climate play a big part when observing the situation, so consult this handy guide and prepare yourself for whatever may come your way. Vanaways are your van industry experts at the click of a mouse, so trust us to make the changes you need, at the right price, bringing you peace of mind!

Downpours During Spring

We’ve all heard of April showers, and downpours throughout the rest of the Spring season are hardly rare either. When coping with water that has pooled on roads, and the disruption of an obscured windscreen, there are definite adjustments to be made. Stopping distances in the rain will be at least double those in good conditions, meaning you should be sure to allow a greater distance between your car and the vehicle in front. Ensure the windscreen wipers of your van are functional before any Spring journey!

Summer Drives With Glare

Driving your van during the Summer months can be a relaxing experience, accounting for the warmth and postcard-perfect views around much of the UK, though this isn’t to say there’s no danger to speak of. Unfold the van sun visor and wear sunglasses when possible to avoid the obstructive sunlight.  If the sun glare is particularly damaging your ability to see, the best action to take is to pull over in a safe place and make such adjustments. Whether you’re driving an electric model or a manual transmission, glare affects van drivers everywhere unfortunately.

Foggy Autumn Mornings

Autumnal mornings can serve as a refreshing and relaxing change, however there are often caveats to this, with fog being one of the most notable. If possible, don’t drive in foggy conditions, as fog is a major cause of road accidents. If compulsory (either due to a lack of other routes, or foggy conditions throughout the surroundings),  pay careful attention to your surroundings by reducing all distractions, turning the radio off, asking your passengers to be quiet and watching intently for obstacles.

Winter And Slippery Icy Roads

Winter is of course the most hazardous season for van drivers from many points of view, and this rings true. As a matter of necessity, always check your van is in a worthy condition before setting off on any journey, especially if there is visible ice on the roads. Anticipation and focus are key for driving on icy roads, so always look well ahead for potential hazards and check your grip on the surface by choosing a safe place to brake gently.

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