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How Far Can Electric Vans Travel?

August 25th, 2021

Electric vans offer many benefits, including low running costs, easy maintenance, and zero emissions, which means they’re better for the environment. However, before you invest in an electric van for your business, it’s likely that you’ll have some practical questions about these vans and how they work.

One commonly Googled question concerns electric van range, in other words, how far can an electric van travel? There’s currently more choice than ever in the electric van market, with improved range and charging options available. If you’re thinking about making the switch and want to know more about the range and electric van charging, see below for our handy guide.

Battery range

The biggest deciding factor on whether an electric van is right for you will be battery range. If you’re constantly having to stop and recharge, this can waste valuable time and money for your business. The majority of electric vans have a quoted range of 90-120 miles, so this is how far they can travel after a single charge. However, be aware that cold weather can see the range drop to as little as 50 miles for some makes and models.

One study found that the average van driver covers around 70 miles per day, so in theory, you should find a van that can meet your needs!

Electric van charging

Another factor to consider is how you plan on charging your electric van. Ideally, you’ll have a parking spot with access to a charging point but this might not always be possible. The best way to charge a van is by using a wall box because this delivers a faster charge than if you plug into a conventional domestic plug socket. You should be offered a wall box installation when you buy the van and this allows you to charge the van overnight so it’s ready to go in the morning.

Public rapid charging points are also becoming more common across the UK, although not all vans can take advantage of this. The charging speed of your van is limited to the type of charger it’s fitted with and some vans don’t have the capacity to use these rapid charging points. You can find rapid charging points at locations including dealerships, motorway service stations, and some supermarkets, and some can deliver 80% charge in as little as half an hour!

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