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How Our Van Fleets Can Help Your Business Deliver Success

September 13th, 2023

The van is a powerful instrument for a wide range of industries, where this practical and hard-wearing vehicle can be utilised for long haul deliveries, tool transportation and waste removal. Vans of all kinds are engineered to support drivers, passengers and cargo, where this makes for an ideal work vehicle to complement your business.

But why stop at one van when you can have a whole fleet? A fleet of vans is a great way to expand your business and reach new customers with your brand, where your fleet can be both stylish and professional. Ultimately  a van fleet can help your business to strive for success. Read on to learn more about this, with a look at how Vanaways can help you to secure the fleet of your dreams.

How Your Business Could Benefit From A Van Fleet

There are numerous benefits to expanding your business with a fleet of vans, where you could give your company a boost both in terms of profits and in terms of brand promotion. Some of these benefits are discussed below:

Broaden Your Business Reach

One of the primary benefits of investing in a van fleet is that it allows you to grow your business in a productive way. More vans means that you can reach more customers, allowing your team to take multiple routes and access new areas of the country. This means you’re likely to see the financial rewards of investing in your fleet pretty quickly, where you can take on more work whilst still taking care of your clients to a high standard.

Improve Efficiency Levels

When you invest in a fleet of vans, you also gain access to an array of vehicle management technologies which can help you to keep track of your team. Tracking devices can help you to optimise routes and ensure that all your drivers are making efficient use of their vehicles. You can also monitor fuel efficiency and mileage across your fleet, making it easier to budget and manage costs.

Assert Your Brand Identity

Investing in a fleet of vans gives you an excellent opportunity to assert your brand identity on a huge scale. Adorn your fleet with your company colours, name and logo, where this works as an effective form of passive advertising when your team are out on the road. Members of the public will soon begin to recognise your brand, where it can be additionally helpful to include a clear contact number on the side of your vehicle. This can directly lead to an increase in business as well as providing a boost to brand recognition.


Expanding your business to include a fleet of vehicles also helps to assert a professional image for your brand. Clients will be able to see that you have the resources and managerial skills to handle a whole van fleet, which indicates an impressive level of business success. This can establish your company as a real contender in your industry, where you will appear to have a greater level of business integrity and professionalism than if you only owned a single vehicle.

Vehicle Performance

If you choose to invest in a brand new fleet of vehicles for your company, then your employees will be able to reap the benefits of improved van performances and all the latest technological advances in the motor industry. This includes practical features such as improved fuel economy and driving safety tools, but also comfort and entertainment extras such as bluetooth connectivity and automatic climate controls. These features will help to keep your team happy during long journeys, helping to support a more productive work environment.

Fleet Insurance Deals

You may be wondering about the various expenses involved in van fleet management, but one area where you will be able to limit costs is with your insurance. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you will be able to take out a fleet insurance package deal, which covers each van under the same policy. This means that you don’t have to worry about separate renewal dates, whilst benefiting from a multi-van discount that is likely to reduce your total expenditure.

Further Benefits For Electric Vehicles

If you’re thinking of investing in a fleet of vans for your business, then you may wish to go the extra mile and upgrade to electric. Choosing a range of electric vans can help your business to be more fuel efficient whilst promoting a sustainable image for your brand. In turn, this can help to attract a new clientele and present your company as a green and forward thinking leader of your industry. You can also manage the costs involved in upgrading to electric with a government e-vehicle grant, which can allow you to access a substantial discount on your purchase.

Save With Hired Vehicles

Your business may not be quite ready to fully invest in a fleet of vans, where a more budget-friendly alternative would be to consider hiring vehicles instead. Hiring extra vans to supplement your existing fleet can help to manage maintenance costs whilst you weigh up whether you wish to make a long term investment. Hire purchases also provide you with a degree of flexibility when it comes to your van model, as you can try a range of vans over several years to find out what kind of motor best suits your business needs.

Commercial Fleet Management At Vanaways

At Vanaways, our dedicated team can help your business to choose the right van fleet to suit your individual requirements, where we can also help with financial support and vehicle accessorising. Some of the ways in which we can support your fleet expansion include:

Fleet Finance

We can offer you a wide range of financing options to help your business access a full fleet of high quality vehicles. Our options include contract hire, leasing or outright purchasing, where the Vanaways team is happy to advise you on which option is right for you.

Vehicle Accessorising

We also offer a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ facility at Vanaways. This means we can adapt and modify  your vehicles before they’re delivered, so your vans will be entirely ready to go. Our extensive range of customisation services includes sign writing, which will allow you to assert your company brand name and logo along the side of every vehicle.

In addition to this, we offer van lining services, racking installations and additional bespoke conversion options. You can also purchase your fleet van insurance through us to avoid additional hassle.

Defleet & Part Exchange Services

We’re also ready to assist you if you wish to reduce your fleet or return to a single van business model. We can provide a valuation for your current vans, whether you want to sell all your vans or just one or two. This value can then be released as equity or used towards the purchase of a new vehicle. As part of this service we can also collect your vans completely free of charge.

Why You Should Work With Us

At Vanaways, we specialise in commercial vehicles, where our team can offer expert advice and recommendations when it comes to choosing the right vehicles for your business. Working with us can be incredibly beneficial for your company compared to trying to purchase a van fleet on your own, where we can help to organise the administrative elements of this process whilst keeping costs to a minimum. We can shop around on your behalf, providing unbiased recommendations and personalised suggestions according to your industry needs. This can save you time and money in the long run, helping to kickstart the success of your van fleet.

Vanaways: Commercial Van Fleet Support & Much More

At Vanaways, we can provide you with expert impartial advice on your van fleet investment, where we also offer a wide range of individual vans for business and personal use. These include both new and electric vehicles, all available through a variety of financing options.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our complete range of products and services.


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