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How to Choose the Right Van Insurance For Your Business Needs

January 5th, 2023

insurance policy for their van. This is to protect yourself in the event that you accidentally injure another person or cause damage to a property. Of course, depending on your level of cover, you may also be covered for any damage done to your own vehicle.

It might be tempting to opt for the cheapest possible policy when insuring your van, but this isn’t necessarily the best way to get your money’s worth. To begin with, it’s important to choose the right insurance for you. Use this handy guide to find out what kind of cover is best for your business needs.

Types of Cover

If you’re a business owner with several employees who will be driving your van(s), a comprehensive business insurance policy is a wise choice. This will typically cover you for tools and for all drivers authorised to use the vehicle by the policy holder. This can, however, be an expensive form of van insurance, and might not even cover you for private use.

If you are a sole tradesperson – or the only driver of your van – you should probably get sole trader cover. This generally covers you for both business and personal use, but it’s worth checking which aspects of business the policy includes. You might need to factor in business-specific add-ons (see below) to tailor your policy to your needs.

If you use your van for private purposes only, then this is the most cost-effective option, but it’s important to remember that you won’t be covered for any work, and will actually be driving illegally if you do so.

Additional Policy Features

As mentioned above, everything you might need in van insurance won’t always be available in a standard policy, and you might need to invest in some extras. Some of these could include:

  • Public Liability Cover: This ensures that you will be covered for any public injury costs caused as a result of a van accident.
  • Employers Liability Cover: This will cover you against any claims made by your employees as a result of actions related to your van.
  • Breakdown Cover: If you break down this add-on ensures that you will be able to obtain roadside assistance.
  • Courtesy Vehicle: Whilst waiting for repairs, this enables you to obtain a temporary vehicle, ensuring that you don’t miss any essential business.
  • Personal Belongings Cover: This simply ensures that if any of your possessions are damaged or stolen whilst in your van, you will be covered.

What Will Affect My Policy?

Much like any insurance policy, van insurance prices depend on several factors, including the make and model, your driving history and your age / years of driving experience. These details must be accurate so that your advisor can get you the best possible quote.

How We Can Help

Van Sales UK are proud to partner with commercial van insurance specialists to help our customers get the best possible quote for their business needs. Getting a quote is quick and easy – simply fill out our online form and one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your options. Alternatively call us on 0333 009 1196.


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