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How To Choose The Right Van Size For You

Renault Master Low Loader
March 18th, 2022

When browsing for a new van to buy or rent, one of the most important things to consider is the size of your van. It needs to be the right size to fit the purpose that you are going to be using it for but with a very wide market of different van types, it can be hard to cut through the masses and choose the right one.

So read on for a guide on how to choose the right van size for you.


A van’s payload is essentially the maximum load a van can safely carry, specified by the manufacturer. If you’re transporting really heavy things in your van, this will affect the size of the van you choose. A general rule of thumb is that the larger the van, the better equipped it will be to carry heavy payloads, as it will be specifically designed and built to transport higher capacities.

You’ll also want to think about the load space, which is the available space inside a van. If you’re transporting small goods, a small van may be ideal, but for large, heavy loads, you may need more space.

If you overload a vehicle, you can face a fine, so it is always best to buy a van that can carry the maximum amount of weight you expect of it.


You’ll want to consider what you’re using the van for when deciding what size is best for you. If you’re operating a mobile dog groomer, you will probably need plenty of space to carry equipment and will be working out the van. Alternatively, if you’re a bakery that needs a van to deliver and transport goods, you might only require a smaller van to carry loads. You might also need a transit tipper, a low loader or any of the multitude of van configurations possible.

The function of your van can also include how many seats you may need. You can get vans with just a driver’s seat, a driver and passenger seat, or an additional row in the back for extra seating. This could be in the case of a business that transports a work crew around in a van. If you know that there will only ever be one person in the van, having only a driver’s seat will maximise space for storage.

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