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How To Insulate Your Van

November 7th, 2022

Most people spend a lot of time in their vans. Whether this is workers driving between jobs, commuting to work, or even people converting vans to live in for periods of time. As the winter months roll in, it’s important to make your van as comfortable as possible. One way to do this is to make sure it is properly insulated.

Many people simply blast the heating and wait for the van to warm up, but by insulating a van properly, your van will be warmer already when you get in and warm up even faster. Insulation can also help you in the summer, stopping your van from becoming too hot.

Van Sales UK has put together some tips on how to properly insulate your van.

Van Conversion

Insulating a van has seen a lot of development over the last few years, particularly as a result of van conversions being on the rise. Those looking to spend long periods of time in their vans have mastered the art of insulation, but these tips can be used for vans of any type.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is key to understanding van insulation, and this can be divided into three types: radiation, conduction and convection. Radiation is heat transferred through air or a vacuum. The biggest source in a van is the windows, which allow sunlight to pass through and heat the inside.

To insulate your van against radiant heat, you might want to utilise reflective window coverings to deflect radiant heat away, keeping your van cool in the summer. In contrast, to keep your van warm in the winter you can use reflective surfaces which will help to retain heat.

Conduction is heat transferred through solid surfaces. The radiant heat warms the metal body of the van and transfers the heat inside.  Heat also transfers out when it’s cold. You can prevent conduction and slow the process by insulating the walls and ceilings of your van. You can use thermal insulation boards in large areas, while wool insulation is better for harder-to-reach and smaller sections.

Finally, convection is when the heat inside the van naturally rises upwards. Having thicker insulation on the ceiling can help to keep this heat in during cold weather, while a ventilation fan can be useful in the summer to suck out the warmer air.

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