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How To Keep Safe On The Roads This Summer

UK Roads
July 6th, 2022

The summer months are here, so there are more reasons than ever to hop in a vehicle and get on the road, whether it’s a summer holiday down south or a road trip somewhere different for the day.  While a lot of road safety focuses on the dangers of roads in winter or adverse weather, there is also plenty of summer road safety to be aware of.

The team at Van Sales UK has put together this guide to keeping safe on the roads this summer, so read on for some summer road safety tips.

Keep Hydrated 

With the hot summer weather coming, you’ll find yourself getting dehydrated more easily, especially if you’re driving around in a hot vehicle. So you should ensure you keep hydrated. Always have a spare bottle of water in your car, so you never find yourself out on the roads feeling thirsty and have nothing about. 

When you get dehydrated you can start to feel tired, which can impact your reaction time. So keep sharp by drinking plenty of fluids. You should also keep your vehicle well ventilated and as cool as possible to avoid drowsiness.

Proper Clothing

While it may be tempting to let your feet breathe in a pair of flip-flops, they are not the most suitable option for driving. They can affect how you drive the vehicle, and if you are wearing them while driving and are in an accident, you could be fined for violating the highway code.

This can apply to other clothing as well. Maxi dresses can get caught underneath pedals and prevent you from operating the vehicle properly, or even just restrict your view of the pedals when you need them.


The sun’s bright glare can affect the way you handle a vehicle in the summer. Having sunlight shine directly into your eyes is dangerous as you may not be able to see the road ahead. 

The best way to protect against glare is to utilise your sun video and wear sunglasses when it is bright. These features can block the sun from your vision or reduce the intensity of the rays, letting you drive without issue.

Summer Vehicle Essentials 

As mentioned before you should always have water in your car during summer, refilling it whenever you can. You may also want to have a portable phone charger, as in summer you’ll often be spending a lot more time outside than in other seasons, leading to longer times between charges.

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