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How to Maintain a Van Fleet: Maintenance and Cleaning

June 9th, 2023

There is no question that a lot of things come with upholding a positive reputation for your business. It goes without saying that the service which you offer has to be second to none. What’s more, your timing and customer relations should also be impeccable. However, there is another side to running a successful business which gets overlooked all too often. Your image is imperative if you want to run a successful business. After all, first impressions count for a huge percentage of people’s opinions and nothing provides a better first impression than your image. So, keep reading this blog to find out more about maintaining your van fleet.


Your windscreen is, as you might expect, one of the most important parts of your van and you must make sure that it is well-maintained at all times. Above all else, keeping a dirty windscreen is a serious health and safety hazard. Countless traffic collisions are caused every year by poor visibility. So, it is imperative that your vehicles are clean at all times. The second reason to maintain your windows is, of course, customer perception. If you drive around a dirty or poorly maintained vehicle, you will probably receive far fewer positive reviews, as first impressions count for an awful lot in most industries.


The mechanical well-being of a van is, as you might expect, extremely important. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it can cause worryingly high bills and less time on the road will mean you have less time to make money.  Though there is a solution to this age-old issue. Most mechanical failures happen as a direct result of neglect. Vehicle owners will often ignore small issues or warning lights to try to avoid paying a bill. Though we’re afraid that this bill is inevitable and it’s much cheaper to fix the issue sooner rather than later as mechanical issues often evolve into far more serious problems over time.

Maintenance Package

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a reliable van is to opt for a maintenance package. This will ensure that your entire fleet is treated in the right way and can effectively transport and represent your business. We understand that looking after a large group of vehicles at a time is a stressful ordeal, which is why we would recommend a maintenance package.

When it comes to vans here at Van Sales UK, we are the experts. We have been working in the industry for many years and know what it takes to provide quality and reliable vehicles. So, if you would like any advice on the van market, then pick up the phone and get in touch with us today!


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