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How to Make Your Van Pet Friendly

April 6th, 2023

So, you want to have a go at the vanlife, but you’re apprehensive because you have beloved pets that you want to take with you? Well, fear not, as the vanlife with pets is perfectly doable! There will, of course, be some important factors to consider that will make this transition both easier and safer for your furry friends.

We’ve put together some tips to help get you started, so that you and your pets will be on the road in no time. Read on below to find out more.

Staying Cool

In the summer months especially, the inside of your van can get extremely hot; we’re sure you’re familiar with the feeling of getting into a hot, stuffy vehicle – now imagine how that must feel when you’re additionally covered in fur and potentially a lot smaller than a human.

One way you can keep your van cooler for your pets (and yourself) is to add reflective window coverings. For the windows in the back of your van, you can do this by investing in some reflective lining material and using it to make curtains, while a sunshield will do the job for your windscreen when you’re not driving.

Investing in a cooling towel or cool mat is also a great idea, just to ensure that your pet stays as comfortable as possible, especially if they’ve been running around outside in the sun.

Staying Safe

Just as you must wear your seatbelt when driving your van, your pets need their own secure safety protection in place, as well. Rather than having your pet allowed to roam freely in the back of the van when you’re driving, you should have a van pet crate installed for them to stay in.

This will still allow them some room to stand, sit or lay as they wish, however it also creates a more contained space that will keep them safe and minimise the risk of them getting hurt should you get into a traffic accident.

Staying Comfortable

We’re assuming the pet you’ll be taking with you is most likely a dog, or potentially a cat, in which case you will need to take provisions to ensure that they are just as comfortable as you are in your van.

Having a designated place for them to sleep can help them to feel safe and comfortable – this may even be their crate, just remember to put a nice plush blanket inside to keep them nice and cosy!

Don’t forget that they’ll also need access to fresh water, as well. To avoid spillages when driving, you can get special water bowls that fix to the floor of your van with a floating insert inside that feeds water through, but restricts this flow whenever there is a surge of water to avoid spillages!

Van Sales UK

So, there you have it – some of our top tips for making your van pet friendly. We definitely recommend you do your research and look around for other useful van pet accessories, but these are just a few of our essential suggestions.

Are you looking for the perfect van to fulfil your vanlife dreams? Here at Van Sales UK, we offer a number of brand new combustion vans and electric vans available on low rate, zero deposit finance.

Get in touch with us today for more information and help finding your perfect van – you and your pet could be out on the road in no time!


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