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How To Maximise Your Van’s Trade-In Value

March 3rd, 2023

Whether you need to replace it with a new vehicle or are simply trading in a van for a bit of extra cash, you want to be working hard to maximise the profits you can make off of it. Luckily there are a few easy things to do to help you out.

This is how you maximise your van’s trade-in value.

What Is Trade-In Value Based On?

Trade-in value is decided by a few key factors, and once you understand them it will be easier to figure out how to maximise this value. Some of these factors can be changed but some can be improved upon. The first is the year, as you’re more likely to get a higher price when trading in a newer vehicle. The make and the model will also determine this, and you might expect a better value if your vehicle sells better than others.

The mileage also plays an important part. Even if your car is pristine, a high mileage will affect how well your car is valued. So while you can’t change this, it is important to think about it going into a valuation. One factor you can change is the condition of your car. The better condition it is in, the better the value will be.

How To Improve The Value

As we mentioned previously, the condition is very important. Clean your interior and fix any damage on the exterior of your car, such as scratches or smudged paint. Have a mechanic do a full service of your vehicle. This will show you any issues that need fixing, as well as providing an up-to-date service history that a buyer might appreciate.

You should also shop around to try and find the best person or company to work with when trading in your van. See if you can find some quotes for your vehicle online, so you have an idea of what money you potentially might be offered.

Trade-In Vans With Van Sales UK

If you’ve made sure your van’s trade-in value is maximised and are now looking for a place to work with, get in touch with Van Sales UK. We can take your van and give you a great price for it, putting this towards the next van that you wish to buy from us. We have a great selection of brand-new diesel and electric vans at competitive prices.

Part exchanging your van can save you both time and money, eliminating the need to shop around or advertise your van for sale. You’ll get the best price, settle any outstanding finance and walk away at the end with a new van. We even offer a no-obligation part exchange valuation, so you can find out exactly what your van is worth without committing to the process.

Simply fill in a few details, and we’ll get in touch with your trade-in value.


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