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How to Properly Defrost Your Van’s Windscreen

January 5th, 2023

With temperatures continuing to drop as winter takes hold, many UK van drivers will need to defrost their windscreens before setting off for a day’s work. After all, it’s against the law to set off on your journey without a clear and unobstructed view of the road.

To discover the proper methods for safely and effectively defrosting your van’s windscreen, keep reading.

Check your windscreen wipers

To avoid damaging your wipers upon starting the engine, be sure to check that they’re turned off either before leaving your van in cold temperatures or before starting the engine again. You could even invest in a van windscreen cover to decrease the chances of your windscreen freezing over in the first place.

Turn on your engine

The top priority when defrosting your van’s windscreen is getting your engine up and running, as this will enable your air vents to pump hot air towards the windscreen. Be sure to give your engine time to warm up before adjusting the temperature dials, though – it may seem counterintuitive but this will actually help your van heat up quicker.

It is not recommended to leave your vehicle unattended at this stage in the process. Given that your keys are right where they need to be and the engine is already running, thieves will see this as the perfect opportunity to make off with your vehicle.

Get scraping

Once you’ve given the van a chance to warm up, it’s time to start clearing away any snow or ice. For clearing snow, you should use a brush, as it is gentle enough to get the job done without scratching your windscreen.

If it’s only ice you’re dealing with, a proper ice scraper will be invaluable. These are specially designed to effectively scrape ice from a surface without damaging it. Avoid using just any old solid, flat object (e.g. a CD case, credit card, etc.) unless absolutely necessary – not only could these items get damaged and damage your windscreen, but it will likely also take much longer to find a suitable item than it would take to grab your ice scraper.

Speeding up the process

Patience is key, but there are bound to be times when you need to defrost your windscreen quickly. De-icer spray or similar solutions can help melt ice quicker with just a few sprays.

Be careful if using water to defrost your van’s windscreen. Avoid pouring boiling water on your windscreen – hot water can actually freeze quicker than room temperature water and also has the potential to damage or even completely shatter your windscreen. If you must use this method, only use room-temperature or lukewarm water.

Once the ice has thawed a little, you can turn on your windscreen wipers to help the process along. With most of the defrosting already done, this will simply help to clear your windscreen enough to get your journey underway safely.

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