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Is Commercial Van Leasing Right For Me And My Business?

October 11th, 2023

Vans are an instrumental part of numerous commercial industries, where they allow businesses to transport goods and passengers with ease. Each van can be purposely chosen and kitted out to appeal to specific tasks, such as with additional storage, roof racks or all-terrain tyres, all of which can help to make every journey smoother.

Obtaining a suitable van may seem like an added expense for your business, especially in terms of upfront costs, as well as insurance and maintenance fees. But if you opt for an affordable leasing deal, the benefits of investing in a commercial vehicle are widespread. Read on to learn more about commercial van leasing and how it could be advantageous for your business.

What Is Commercial Van Leasing?

Commercial van leasing describes the process of obtaining a business vehicle whilst avoiding upfront costs. A lease deal involves monthly payments for the van, where you may have to pay a small rental cost at the start of your contract. You will then hand your van back to the dealership at the end of your lease agreement, at which point you can change or upgrade your vehicle.

What Are The Benefits?

There are numerous benefits of van leasing for your business, in addition to avoiding upfront costs. Your lease contract may also include insurance and warranty cover, which can help to keep extra costs low. It also provides your business with a degree of flexibility, where you’re able to change or update your vehicle at regular intervals. This means you can stay informed about new  technologies and van innovations that will help to secure your business at the cutting edge of your sector.

Commercial Fleets Vs Individual Vehicles

If your business is looking to expand, then you may also wish to consider leasing a whole fleet of vehicles, instead of just a single van. Doing so can mean that you get an impressive multi-buy discount, where you can keep all your vehicles on a single insurance plan, which helps to keep administration simple. A lease agreement will also allow you to regularly adjust the size of your fleet to correspond with financial changes within your company.

Vanaways: Commercial Van Leasing To Suit Your Business

At Vanaways, we offer a wide range of financing options to help you to secure your ideal commercial van. This includes lease agreements and part exchange deals, where our van specialists can also advise on expanding your fleet. Get in touch today to find out more about our financial plans and our full range of new and electric vehicles.


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