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Is It Worth Investing In An Electric Van?

Vauxhall Vivaro
June 22nd, 2022

Electric vehicles have never been more popular than in 2022, with many makes and models found regularly on the roads and demand only expected to increase as years progress. This can in part be put down to government plans to discontinue production of non-electric vehicles by 2030, but there are plenty more reasons to consider these sustainable alternatives. Van Sales UK maintains a comprehensive assortment of new and used electric vans, with delivery, finance options and warranties all accounted for. Require a new van for work-related tasks, family transport or delivering cargo? We’re the company to trust.

Continue reading for some top reasons to consider an electric van, as well as examples of some leading models and their features.

Electric Vans Explained

Electric vans are the most popular eco-friendly alternative to petrol and diesel vans, providing the convenience, mobility and practicality of a traditional tradesman van, with the benefit of added sustainability and related features. Variations of existing popular vans such as the Ford Transit mean that you can enjoy the experience of using an electric van without having to deal with a drastically different design.

Cost And Maintenance

A huge expense when it comes to manual diesel and petrol vehicles is that of fuel, with regular trips to top it up required. You can actually save money in the long run by swapping your current van for an electric variant, especially so if you opt for a used electric van. Electrical charging outlets can be installed in your home if convenient, meaning your car can be effectively refuelled overnight or at a convenient time.

Long-Term Thinking When You Buy A Van

As previously mentioned, the national plans to halt production of diesel and petrol vehicles is seeing many road users make the switch to electric cars and vans earlier than anticipated. Ease of use when it comes to electric vehicles is an added bonus, with many drivers preferring the functionality of an automatic van. Additional features and optional extras within vans such as the Renault e-Kangoo L2 make the switch a tempting one. With one of the widest selections of electric vans for sale in the country, Van Sales UK can help you with your transition to electric.

We are trustworthy providers of used, brand new and electric van models, distributing our vans around the UK for free customer delivery. By remaining active throughout The United Kingdom, we have expanded our presence as well as the models we stock, giving you greater freedom of choice and variety when you buy a van. Either browse our showroom or look through the online catalogue for inspiration and contact us with any questions or queries regarding electric vans for sale.


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