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Is Your Vehicle Permitted in the Bath Clean Air Zone?

April 16th, 2021

In a bid to reduce emissions, the Bath clean air zone started in March 2021 and joined many other cities that have pledged their commitment to the change. The Bristol clean air zone is said to be the next location encouraging low emission vans, so now is the time to upgrade your vehicle and purchase an environmentally friendly van.

Here’s all you need to know about clean air zones and finding an appropriate van with the right emission standard.

What is a clean air zone?

Clean air zones are being introduced across England so that we can all enjoy cleaner, healthier air. The Bath clean air zone is the first English city outside of London to introduce the scheme in which commercial vehicles that do not meet the required emission standards will face a daily charge when driving in these areas – private cars and motorbikes are exempt.

You will face a charge if you have one of these commercial vehicles:

  • Pre-Euro 6 diesel vehicles, excluding hybrids (older than approx. 2015)
  • Pre-Euro 4 petrol vehicles, excluding hybrids (older than approx. 2006)

Automatic number plate recognition cameras have been installed on all roads leading into the area and vehicle number plates will be checked against a DVLA database.

How do clean air zones improve the environment?

The main aim of clean air zones is to reduce air pollution and improve public health by cutting emissions. They provide an incentive to use cleaner and active modes of transport including vans that are Euro 6 or newer, therefore urban environments are much greener and sustainable for the long term.

Is it time to invest in low emission vans?

If you’re anticipating the Bristol clean air zone or the Bath clean air zone is affecting your commercial travel routes, you should consider low emission vans. Eco-friendly vans are not charged for entering these zones as they are far cleaner vehicles which means you can save money and your daily activities will not be disrupted.

At Van Sales UK, we stock a wide range of low emission van deals at affordable prices. Many people are making the switch to electric vehicles as a way of becoming more eco-friendly and making a cost-effective investment. Our knowledgeable team will help you find a van that suits your needs including the latest models that are suited to clean air zones. Find out more today.


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