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Isuzu Grafter Dropside Review

April 20th, 2023

The Isuzu Grafter Dropside at a glance

With a sleek design and versatile loading area, the Isuzu Grafter Dropside is the perfect vehicle for a range of light construction tasks. Wideview front windows and a perforated rearview protection screen optimise this vehicle for a safe and comfortable driving experience, guaranteed to make your work easier. A tiltable cab allows for easy engine access, whilst a functional interior prioritises practicality over luxury in this model.

The ability to raise or lower the sides of the loading bay make this an ideal van model for transporting a range of heavy duty construction materials. Loading and unloading tasks can be completed safely in a matter of minutes, where easy access removes extra handling stresses associated with moving bulky equipment. Whether you wish to carefully unload plants for landscaping, or ensure tiles and slates are secure for your roofing project, this could be the vehicle for you.

Read on for a comprehensive look at the Isuzu Grafter Dropside, with an overview of its engine specifications and interior features.

Engines and Spec

The Isuzu Grafter Dropside is fitted with a Euro 6 120PS engine, with a six-speed manual gearbox installed as standard. This engine type is relatively fuel efficient considering the weight of the vehicle, where the driving experience remains fairly quiet considering the cab is positioned above the engine.

Its payload is designed to carry medium weight light construction tools and materials, with a maximum capacity of 1300kg. With a sleek dropside design, this vehicle is manufactured to drive smoothly despite its heavy load.

The alloy brit tip body measures 14 ft in length, perfect for storing a range of building equipment that may not fit easily in a standard box van. This up-to-date model has also been crafted to offer improved power and torque compared to its Grafter predecessors.


A major advantage of the Isuzu Grafter Dropside model is its 14 ft loading length, which would make a vital asset to any construction work. For instance this storage capacity is ideal for transporting scaffolding poles for roofing and bricklaying work, or for storing long rolls of lawn for landscaping.

The quickly raised and lowered sides make loading a breeze, where the perforated protective screen at the back of the cab prevents your cargo from damaging the driver’s seat. This means that potentially hazardous and heavy materials like blocks, aggregates and adhesives can be stored with ease, whilst the lowerable sides make it straightforward to load palletised goods. The loading area is also a perfect fit for refuse collection, where heavy storage containers and bins can be rolled into place without excess lifting.

In addition to this, the Isuzu Grafter features a small and practical cabin space suitable for shorter journeys and a smaller crew. The vehicle prioritises loading space, so this model is ideal if you are transporting large equipment, but don’t need extra seats for your team. The latest Isuzu models all come with updated interior options such as a premium air conditioning system, allowing for extra comfort throughout the summer months

The practical alloy body of the Isuzu Grafter Dropside is designed for longevity and practicality, where its raised chassis, well-position wing mirrors  and durable tyres are perfect for approaching mixed terrain building sites. This model is also available in a range of colours, including the definitive bright white.

Pros & Cons


  • 14 ft body length for loading a range of construction materials
  • Practical cab design for safe driving on building sites
  • Easy to use dropside model to make loading simple


  • Simplistic cabin design not suited to longer drives
  • One of the less fuel efficient options available from Isuzu for transporting heavy cargo
  • Potential bounce when driving over mixed terrains due to cab location

The Verdict

If you need a reliable dropside van to support your light construction needs, then the Isuzu Grafter Dropside model is the one for you. With a practical cab interior and sleek, highly durable design, this vehicle is built to last. Easy to operate dropside storage makes loading materials and equipment simple, whether you need effective transportation for your landscaping, roofing or brickwork business. This model’s downsides include its limited cab space and no-frills interior, where you may wish to invest in a more spacious option if you’re looking for long-haul comfort. But for short trips with a range of cargo, this vehicle can offer a smart, user-friendly solution.

At Van Sales UK, our Isuzu Grafter Dropside models are available to hire or purchase outright, where we have a range of financing options on offer. Take a look at our comprehensive dropside van range now, or contact us today for more information about our products.


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