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Isuzu Grafter Dropside Review

October 12th, 2022

The Isuzu Grafter Dropside at a glance

The Isuzu Grafter Dropside is a versatile vehicle that is perfect for use by many different industries. You could use it to carry building materials between sites, move heavy equipment about, or even load it with aggregates or other raw materials that you need to transport. Any type of load can be easily removed from the van, while the wide body makes it ideal to carry as much as you need.

Dropside trucks are perfect for giving easy access to load and unload. They have short, folding sides that are typically attached to a hinge. This lets the sides be dropped, allowing workers to easily load and unload the vehicle without even having to get on the vehicle. In less than a minute, you can have your dropside ready to load and unload, then simply flip the sides back up and you’re ready to hit the road.

It’s packed full of great features to make it an efficient and light drive, while also being able to carry a lot without hindering performance. Van Sales UK has put together this review on the benefits of the Isuzu Grafter Dropside for your business, so read on to find out more.

Engines and Spec

The Isuzu Grafter Dropside is capable of carrying a great amount of weight, making it perfect for businesses and drivers who need to transport heavy loads frequently. It has a 1300kg payload, but this will never affect the performance, being able to drive efficiently without being affected by the heavy load it carries.

It has a Euro 6 120PS engine, with a six-speed manual gearbox available on the model that Van Sales UK stocks. The Isuzu Grafter Dropside is a 4×2 rigid chassis cab with twin rear wheels and a dropside body. The exterior looks modern and refined, with easy access to both the load and the driver cab.

The van has an alloy brit tipp body and a 14ft load length, perfect for carrying loads of large or impractical shapes that may not fit into a standard van shape. You can expect improved power and torque, along with a reduction in C02 emissions.

Running costs are kept to a minimum, with the engine design being extremely fuel efficient compared to previous models of it. The driver seat is actually over the engine due to the design, but the noise is well suppressed and you can expect a quiet drive.


The interior of the van is designed for visibility, with a large windscreen and door mirrors, so a driver can see as much of the road as possible, especially useful on busy roads or when trying to keep the payload as safe as possible.

Aside from this, it has a compact cabin with all the features you may need close at hand. The dashboard is easy to use and the controls are kept as straightforward as possible, so a driver can quickly become at ease driving the van. One of the benefits of the cabin is that it has easy cross-cabin access, so a driver can easily climb across and use the passenger side if needs be

From Van Sales UK, you can expect a choice of colours for your Isuzu van, such as a cool, crisp white. The latest update to the Isuzu Grafter came with a few refinements to the cab, such as an updated interior rim and an improved air conditioning system.

Pros & Cons

List 2-3 pros and 2-3 cons in the following format:


  • Best loading/unloading of van types

  • Sleek outer design

  • The dropside element is easy to use


  • More bounce as sitting over the axle

  • The Interior can feel old-fashioned

  • Rivals have more innovative technology

The Verdict

Overall the Isuzu Grafter Dropside is an ideal choice for those looking to carry large amounts of goods. With the dropside features, workers can easily load and unload the payload efficiently, not wasting time craning inside a small van trying to remove goods.

The high payload does not sacrifice performance though, and you can expect a smooth drive and excellent fuel efficiency across both short and long distances.

If you’ve been impressed by the benefits of the Isuzu Grafter Dropside, shop for one today with Van Sales UK. We have the Isuzu Grafter Dropside available for you to buy, lease or finance, with free fast delivery nationwide and a 3-year warranty.

We offer the Isuzu Grafter Dropside 3.5tonne for £27,495 + VAT.

When working with Van Sales UK, you can expect amazing value for money and great deals on brand new or used vans. If you’d like to find out more about the Isuzu Grafter Dropside or any of our other vans, give us a call today at 0117 205 2621.


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