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Isuzu Grafter Tipper Review

April 28th, 2023

The Isuzu Grafter Tipper at a glance

With an impressive payload, efficient 6-speed transmission and twin rear wheels, the 3.5-tonne Isuzu Grafter TIpper is certainly a favourite on the market, being one of the best performers when it comes to tipper vans.

Ideal for landscapers, groundworkers or even refuse/recyclable materials collectors, the Grafter surely lives up to its name. Performing daily tasks couldn’t be easier thanks to its compact size yet powerful engine, while the tipper function will carry and empty all the loose materials you need after the press of a button. As for the twin rear wheels, though these impede slightly on the payload, they improve stability and traction across rough, uneven and/or muddy terrain – as is the case with many landscaping and groundworks jobs, in particular.

Just as it performs as well as you would expect a tipper van to, it is also comfortable and convenient to drive, with excellent visibility and functionality.

Read on below as we go on to discuss in more detail how this van could benefit you while you work.

Engines and Spec

With a gross vehicle weight of 3.5-tonnes, the Grafter Tipper is available in two models, either with single or twin rear wheels (both of which come with a spare wheel and tyre included). Both operate using a 1.9-litre turbo diesel engine with 6-speed manual transmission, making it ideal for driving on the open road to and from your work destination(s). This is aided by the improved power and torque of 88kW at 3200rpm and 320 Nm respectively.

Despite this increased power, the Grafter Tipper offers a surprisingly quiet drive, which is thanks to the engine being located underneath the area where the driver sits and its decent level of build quality.

In terms of its loading capabilities, there is a generous payload allowance of 1,210kg along with the capacity of towing an additional 3,500kg of trailer weight. This should be more than enough to transport any loose materials that you should require to regularly carry in your job, such as aggregates, sand or soil.


Though the interior of the Isuzu Grafter is not the most modern or inspiring when compared to other vans that are currently on the market, it by no means comprises practicality.

The gear stick sits relatively high up next to the driver rather than directly underneath the dashboard, which offers plenty of legroom to any additional passengers on the double passenger bench. In addition to this, the cabin features vinyl floor matting that makes it incredibly easy to clean, which is highly useful for those working in landscaping or groundworks, considering that they’ll likely tread in dirt or mud after a day’s work.

Visibility is at a premium when driving thanks to the deep cut side windows to reduce blind spots, as are common in vans, along with large foldable mirrors and a tinted windscreen to reduce glare from the sun.

Moving on to the tipper body, this consists of fully galvanised steel framing and a 400mm high alloy mill finish tailgate and dropside boards, which are both strong and durable in all outside conditions whilst easily holding any loose materials without experiencing damage. There are also heavy duty under floor tie points on either side of the frame to keep bags of landscaping and/or construction materials secure in transit, ready for use on site.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive payload and towing capability.
  • Option for twin rear wheels, ideal for traversing difficult terrain associated with jobs that use tippers.
  • High quality tipper body frame that tilts to 45°.


  • Reduced payload with twin wheels, though there is the option for single rear wheels, which offer more payload.
  • Basic interior design, though still spacious and practical.

The Verdict

Winning the title of ‘Light Truck of the Year’ at the Great British Fleet Awards in 2020, the Isuzu Grafter Tipper is undoubtedly a reliable and practical tipper van that cannot be faulted for essential functionality features.

The high-quality tipper body, tie points and inclusion of dropside panels make it ideal for anyone working in landscaping or groundworks and may need to transport heavy loads of both bagged and loose materials as part of their job. Practicality and comfort is simultaneously not compromised when driving the Grafter thanks to the reduced noise, improved suspension and 6-speed transmission.

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