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Iveco Daily Tipper Review

Iveco Daily Tipper Review
November 24th, 2022

The Iveco Daily Tipper at a glance

The Iveco Daily has been on the market since 1978, supplying businesses with a large light commercial van. What makes it different from similar competitors is the unique frame it uses. Instead of a unibody design, it uses a separate ladder frame most commonly seen on larger commercial vehicles.

This design of a separate chassis with a body bolted on top makes the vehicle particularly strong, with a gross vehicle weight of over 7 tonnes, much more than competitors in the same category.

The Iveco Daily has always been at the forefront of the company’s priorities, with it now being on its third generation, and going through a thorough facelift in 2019 to make the most recent models the best they can possibly be.

One of the models of the Daily is the Iveco Daily Tipper. A tipper van allows for the payload it is carrying to be easily deposited when needed, making it perfect for the transport of aggregates or non-fragile loads. The Daily Tipper comes in both a single cab and crew cab variation, meaning a business can get whichever option they think would be best suited for them.

Here at Van Sales UK, we love the performance of the Iveco Daily Tipper, so have put together this review on the best features and performance of the van.

Engines and Spec

With the design of using a separate chassis, Iveco vans can carry incredibly heavy payloads, from amounts ranging from 3.3 tonnes all the way up to over 7 tonnes. This makes them ideal if you’re looking to carry plenty at once. An Iveco Daily Tipper can carry around 1100 kg of payload, due to the large space and design of the chassis.

The new Daily comes with a choice of two engines, a 2.3-litre and a 3-litre. They are both highly fuel efficient, ensuring you have the best performance possible. The 2.3-litre engine comes in power ratings ranging from 116 to 156 hp, while the 3-litre is available in four different power ratings ranging from 136 to 207 hp. The 3-litre engine is also available in a Compressed Natural Gas version.


As this is a tipper van, the interior of the van is quite small, restricted to the cab. But the great thing about the cab is that it is available in two iterations. With the single cab tipper, you can sit three in, but the double cab tipper adds an extra row of seats for 3 additional passengers. This makes it perfect for carrying crew from site to site.

With the recent facelift, the seats have been redesigned to provide comfort over long rides, moulding to the shape of the driver or passenger to stop pressure points from being engaged. It is also the first light commercial vehicle to have memory foam seats. Couple this with an adaptable suspension control, and you can expect a smooth drive with up to 30% fewer vibrations. The suspension control can be switched from dynamic and static with the flip of a switch, while AIR-PRO Continuous Damping Control can react instantly to road disturbances.

You can also benefit from the redesigned dashboard with easy-to-reach controls and manual gearbox. The user-friendly controls make it easier than ever to control your car, meaning it’s easy to learn how to use the Iveco Daily Tipper.

Pros & Cons


  • Design = heavy payload
  • Tough
  • Plenty of room for crew and payload


  • Gearbox clunky in some models
  • Unibody design can be strange
  • The dashboard could be improved

The Verdict

The Iveco Daily Tipper is great for businesses who want to transport and easily tip a large amount of payload, using the strong chassis design that promotes heavy transport of materials. Having two cab sizes means any size business and crew can benefit from the van.

So if you’re after an Iveco Daily Tipper, work with Van Sales UK today. We sell the Iveco Daily Tipper in both the single cab and double cab body types, meaning you can get the ideal option to fit your business’s needs.

All of our vans are available to purchase, lease or finance and we even offer part exchange. Alongside free fast delivery and free breakdown cover, we’re the best option to shop for a new vehicle. If you’d like to find out more about the Iveco Daily Tipper, call today on 0117 205 1597.


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