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Looking to the Future: Electric Vans in 2024

Looking To The Future Electric Vans - Van Sales UK
December 7th, 2023

Electric electric vans have emerged as a transformative force in recent years, with the shift towards sustainable modes of travel becoming more evident than ever. Not only are they a symbol of environmental responsibility but are also increasingly practical and cost-effective, particularly when used for commercial van fleets. In this blog post, we will explore the continued rise of electric vans

The Rise of Electric Vans

In recent years, the automotive industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in the adoption of electric vehicles, and vans are no exception to this trend. As environmental concerns take centre stage, businesses are reevaluating their van fleet choices to align with sustainability goals. The environmental factors aren’t the only advantages of electric vans, though; they boast a range of benefits, from reduced carbon emissions to lower operational costs.

One of the primary driving factors behind the surge in electric van sales is the significant cost savings they can offer over their traditional combustion engine counterparts. Lower maintenance costs, coupled with increasingly competitive prices for electric vans, make them an attractive investment for a wide variety of businesses. Moreover, businesses can capitalise on the government grants and incentives available, further enhancing the financial appeal of transitioning to electric van fleets.

Popular Electric Vans for 2024

As we head into 2024, several electric van models stand out as industry leaders in terms of performance, range, and overall values. Let’s take a look at our favourites:

Maxus eDeliver 7

Unveiled at the 2023 Commercial Vehicle Show, the Maxus eDeliver 7 is set to redefine the electric van landscape. This medium-sized, exclusively electric van boasts a range of 226 miles with an 88kWh battery, supported by a robust 201bhp motor. With versatile configurations available, it can accommodate a diverse range of cargo requirements. The eDeliver 7 also prioritises efficiency, charging to 80% in just 45 minutes, and features safety enhancements such as blind-spot detection and 360-degree cameras. Inside, a three-seat layout and a 12.3-inch touchscreen, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, emphasise both comfort and connectivity.

Ford E-Transit Custom

Set to arrive on our roads in 2024, this electric powerhouse boasts a capacious 9m3 of load space, an 1100kg payload, and an impressive 2000kg towing capacity. With a 75kWh battery providing over 235 miles of range, and rapid 125kWh charging that takes you from 15 to 85% in just 40 minutes, it’s as practical as it is powerful. Choose between 2 electric motors, offering 133 or 214hp for an energetic start.

The real gem, though, is the E-Transit’s interior, featuring clever storage solutions, including a spacious lidded dashboard cubby capable of housing a laptop. Ford seamlessly blends innovation and functionality with this new incarnation of an old classic.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

Though the eSprinter was only introduced just 2 years ago, the rapid advancements in electric vehicle technology have already paved the way for a new model. The upcoming iteration, built on the Electric Versatility Platform, shifts from front-wheel to rear-wheel drive, allowing for diverse body shapes, including long and short-wheel-base models, dropside pickups, and ambulances – a departure from the current singular model offering.

The revamped eSprinter will feature 3 battery sizes, promising a range surpassing the current 95 miles. Known for plush interiors, Mercedes ensures a luxurious experience with a spacious infotainment screen, the MBUX operating system, voice activation, and a convenient reversing camera. Get ready for a sophisticated upgrade that goes beyond the conventional one-model range.

Switch to Electric in 2024 with Vanaways

Vanaways is your trusted partner for all your commercial vehicle leasing needs. Explore our extensive range of electric vans, and let us help you make the transition to a greener and more cost-effective fleet. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a leasing solution that suits your business requirements.


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