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Luton: Citroen E-Relay vs Peugeot e-Boxer

March 24th, 2023

Environmental regulations have led to a surge in manufacturers converting their most popular vans into electric vehicles. Producing zero emissions, electric vans are becoming increasingly technologically advanced and represent a sustainable, forward-thinking choice for a light commercial vehicle.

The Citroen E-Relay and the Peugeot e-Boxer are two examples of electrified versions of popular diesel van models, the Relay and Boxer. They are both available as a Luton, a variant that features an enclosed box body that extends over the cab. This provides additional cargo space and is used for transporting goods and equipment over long distances.

At Van Sales UK, we stock both the Citroen E-Relay Luton and the Peugeot e-Boxer Luton. This article aims to compare both vans in an effort to learn more about each and whether they are suited to your needs from a light commercial vehicle.

Engines and Spec

In terms of engines and specifications, the Citroen E-Relay is powered by an electric motor that produces 122 horsepower, delivering 260Nm of torque, resulting in a quiet and smooth acceleration. This allows it to reach a respectable top speed of 71mph which can suit it for motorway driving, feeling comfortable over long-distance journeys.

The E-Relay can be fitted with either a 37kWh or 70kWh battery, with the former having a driving range of 73 miles and the latter 139 miles. This might not be the best battery range available, but the Citroen can nonetheless be charged in as little as 6 hours using a 32A wall box, helping you get back on the road in no time. However, with a standard domestic socket, the Citroen E-Relay may take up to 12 hours to fully charge.

The Peugeot e-Boxer’s electric motor produces more torque than the Citroen, with 350Nm, and can reach a higher top speed of 75mph. This provides the vehicle with a an extra kick in acceleration and can suit city roads, where having a van that feels mobile and nippy makes the driving experience much easier.

The Peugeot e-Boxer has similar battery options, with 37 kWh and 75kWh battery sizes available. Whilst the 37kWh battery can only manage 73 miles on a single charge, the larger 75kWh version is able to reach an impressive 154 miles. And whilst a standard 7.4kWh wall box charger will take 12 hours to recharge, a 50kWh DC public chargepoint will get you to 80% of capacity in an hour.

For a Luton van with extra cargo space that aims to transport a high volume of heavy materials over long distances, payload capacity is of paramount importance for its success as a light commercial vehicle. For both the Citroen E-Relay and Peugeot e-Boxer, payload capacity comes in spades. The E-Relay’s payload capacity reaches 1,215kg, whilst the e-Boxer is able to manage a slightly higher 1,440kg.


Moving inside the cabs of both vehicles, The Citroen E-Relay has a spacious and practically-minded interior carried over from its diesel counterpart. Whilst not luxurious, there are various storage compartments and cubbies, as well as a 5-inch touchscreen display with allows you to control Bluetooth and DAB radio.

The Citroen E-Relay is also fitted with an array of safety features. These include Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which keeps the vehicle balanced in changeable conditions, and is especially helpful when carrying heavy loads. Additionally, Hill Start Assist and Rear Parking Aid are both helpful features which once again assist manoeuvring in tight spaces. On top of all that, electric and heated door mirrors ensure you’re always able to see your surroundings, especially helpful for city driving.

The Peugeot e-Boxer’s interior, on the other hand, is equally as spacious as the Citroen. The lack of a gear stick, with buttons in place to control the transmission, adds a lot of room in the cab. The Peugeot also has a 5-inch infotainment display with an integrated navigation system.

Another interesting feature of the Peugeot e-Boxer is the stylish interior rearview mirror. This features a screen display that shows information to the driver such as the remaining battery percentage, the range in miles this equates to, and the driving mode the van is in. This does take getting used to but is a wholly intuitive and impressive technological feature.

The Verdict

Overall, both the Citroen E-Relay Luton and Peugeot e-Boxer Luton are well-built, practically-minded vans that have some impressive features, making for two effective light commercial vehicles. For the features that make a good Luton van, both vans excel with long driving ranges and high payload capacity.

If you’re interested in either of these vans, in Luton or any other variant, visit Van Sales UK. We supply a wide range of electric vans, as well as a variety of diesel, new, and used models. Take a look through our online showroom today,

With free and fast nationwide delivery, competitive financing options, and free breakdown options, Van Sales UK simplifies the process of buying a new light commercial vehicle.

If you have any questions about the Citroen E-Relay Luton and Peugeot e-Boxer Luton or want to find out more about another van, feel free to contact us today. Call us at 0117 205 2907 or email


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