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MAN eTGE Dropside vs Peugeot e-Boxer Dropside

March 1st, 2023

There is no question that electric vans are now the future of motoring. The large fuel-guzzling diesel engines are slowly becoming a relic of the past. For environmentalists, this is, of course, a brilliant change in the industry, as there is no question that diesel and petrol engines have been one of the largest contributors to global warming. However, the new and improved electric era is in fact a positive for everyone, which might explain their meteoric rise in popularity. Though how are these vans so great to own and why should you choose an electric van?

Essentially, there are a few main reasons which might lead you to purchase an electric van instead of the more commonly known diesel counterparts. The first is the running costs. There is no question that owning a large diesel vehicle in 2023 is one of the most expensive lifestyle choices possible. After all, due to the current economic state of the west, and the political turmoil in which the world sees itself, fuel prices are at an all-time high.

The second reason is the phenomenal power statistics that these electric motors have. An electric motor is extremely powerful. However, the one thing it has in abundance is torque, and this force is extremely important for vans, as it allows them to carry large heavy cargo with ease.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about two of the most popular electric vans to hit the market in recent years, the MAN eTGE Dropside and Peugeot e-Boxer Dropside. Dropside vans are some of the most popular shapes in the van market and there’s no wonder why really considering their huge load capabilities. However, there are now a myriad of electric variants and it can often be difficult to choose between them all. So, in this blog, we’ll compare these two popular models to try to make it easier for you to make your mind up.

Engines and Spec

As we discussed earlier, both of these vans run completely off electric power, which a few years ago would have seemed almost impossible. Nowadays though electric power is becoming more and more popular and before long it will be the most common energy type for cars on the road. This is, of course, all thanks to the vast infrastructure improvements which have been made on our roads to allow these vehicles to function well. After all, there are now hundreds of fast charging stations all over the country, which means that you can charge your car up faster than ever before!

As for the Man eTGE Dropside in particular, its real strength is the power which it’s electric motor kicks out. After all, considering the large weights which this van will be needing to pull, the van must be fairly powerful and trust us when we say that the eTGE will definitely not disappoint.

As for the Peugeot, its real selling point is its range. The range of electric vans is unquestionably the biggest worry that most first-time electric buyers have. This is understandable as, despite the fast charging centres which are now dotted around the country, it still takes far longer to charge electric batteries than it does to fill a car up with diesel. However, with the e-Boxer, you’ll be able to drive for 154 miles before your van needs to charge. So, you needn’t worry!


One of the most important aspects of any van is, of course, the interior. With a well-designed interior, a van will be able to carry a large load of cargo in the back, your valuables in the front, and everything else in between. So, how do these two vans compare with their interior?

The e-Boxer Dropside has plenty of storage capabilities throughout the van and certainly has enough space to store your valuable items. Though its real strength is its storage, there is little in the way of technology, which is fairly important for a modern state-of-the-art van. The Man eTGE Dropside, however, has plenty of technology, including a central screen which can act as both an entertainment device or an information screen.

The Verdict

Clearly then, both of these vans really are very capable and will certainly stand you in good stead for years to come. Though it will all come down to what is more important to you when it comes to your van. If you prefer high-powered vans with plenty of technology, then the Man eTGE is the van for you. However, if you’re after an economic van with a good deal of storage, then the e-Boxer should be your next van.

Whichever van you choose here at Van Sales UK, we can certainly help. Make sure you contact us today and we’ll make it our mission to get you on the road in your new electric vehicle!


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