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MAN eTGE Dropside vs Renault Master Z.E. Dropside

March 1st, 2023

So, you’re on the hunt for a new dropside van? Perhaps your old vehicle has reached the end of the road or, maybe, you’re hoping to expand a pre-existing fleet. Whatever your reasoning, there’s plenty to think about when choosing a new van. From sole traders and contractors to larger business and commercial organisations, everyone has different requirements. That said, practicality, comfort and efficiency are often at the top of the list.

As you scour the web for the perfect van, you’ll be presented with an overwhelming amount of information. With hundreds of commercial vans available at the click of a button, option paralysis can put a real spanner in the works. Sure, you’re spoilt for choice, but where do you start?

If you’ve come this far, we’d bet that you’re searching for a commercial vehicle that offers practicality, comfort and, of course, cost-effectiveness. Don’t worry, you’re not asking too much; in this review, we’ll discuss two dropside vans that offer all of the above and more.

The MAN eTGE Dropside and Renault Master Z.E. Dropside are both excellent examples of dropside vans. Boasting a range of practical features, impressive payload capabilities and emission-free driving. But, which is better?

Here at Van Sales UK, we’ve put together a van vs van review of the MAN eTGE Dropside and the Renault Master Z.E. Dropside. Read on to discover more.

Engines and Spec

We’ll kick things off below the bonnet, looking at the batteries, motors and drivetrain specifications of each van. Of course, owing to their all-electric designs, neither van features a traditional engine.

The MAN eTGE Dropside is powered by an impressively efficient 36kWh lithium-ion battery. This nifty piece of tech is capable of travelling around 110km on a single charge. While this van may not be the first choice for long distances and cross-country driving, it is perfect for city navigation, back and forths and urban environments. If that isn’t enough, MAN also guarantees longevity of the lithium-ion battery for 8 years or 160,000 km!

Regarding output and torque, the MAN eTGE Dropside does not disappoint. With 100kW of motor output and 290Nm of instant torque, this van is able to handle full loads with ease, nipping up hills and making city driving a breeze. This power is matched by practicality, with a lightweight aluminium body measuring 3,255 x 2,040 x 300 mm. This provides plenty of space for bulky equipment and building materials.

By now, it’s clear that the MAN eTGE Dropside is a force to be reckoned with. So how will the Renault Master Z.E. Dropside compare? In terms of power and range, the 33kWh battery offers around 120km when fully charged, a little more than the MAN eTGE. Again, this van is not designed for long trips but offers everything you need for town driving and urban work.

The Renault Master Z.E. Dropside’s payload is an impressive 1,490kg, standing alongside the very best in its class. The dropside area has a maximum load length of 3,083, with a width of 1,765.


With a better understanding of each van’s battery, motor, payload and range, let’s take a look inside the cabs.

While both vans offer comfort and well-designed interiors, their features vary slightly. The MAN eTGE Dropside, for example, boasts an incredibly sleek layout with ample storage, secure lockers and a range of technology including a multifunctional screen which can operate as a media player or navigation system. This places it among the very best in its class.

That said, the Renault Master Z.E. Dropside also feels incredibly practical. A Simplistic internal design is straightforward and easily manageable, while the added tech features take care of navigation, music, smartphone connectivity and battery life. Small additions such as a height-adjustable driver’s seat, lumbar support and electric, heated door mirrors make a world of difference regarding comfort and visibility too.

The Verdict

Whether you’re self-employed or manage a large fleet, either the MAN eTGE Dropside or the Renault Master Z.E. Dropside would make a strong addition to your business. If you’re wondering which is ‘best’, however, the answer depends on your personal preference and intended usage.

Those looking for a little extra range may find that the Renault Master Z.E. Dropside is a better choice, though there isn’t much between the two vans. That said, if the very best in cab design and comfort is what you’re looking for, the MAN eTGE Dropside is hard to top!

Still not sure which van would suit you best? Don’t worry! Here at Van Sales UK, we’re always happy to discuss options with our customers. Get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.


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