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MAN eTGE Dropside vs Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside

February 23rd, 2023

Those on the hunt for a new commercial van will be well aware of the choices available. With the professional vehicle market thriving, traders of all kinds are truly spoilt for choice.

From labourers and landscapers to removal specialists and construction managers, there is a van to suit every requirement and every budget. That said, where do you start? Don’t worry, if you’ve been scratching your head at the thought of a new van, we’re here to help.

If you’ve come this far, it’s likely that you’re searching for a commercial vehicle that is practical, comfortable, sustainable and, of course, cost-effective. But, are you asking too much? No! If your criteria sound a little like those mentioned above, an electric van could be the ideal solution.

Introducing the MAN eTGE Dropside and the Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside, two highly capable electric vans with dropside bodies. Each of these impressive vehicles offers a range of practical benefits and tech features, making them perfect for city driving, urban navigation and material transport.

Shortly, we’ll be putting two giants of the electric commercial vehicle world head to head, comparing batteries, motors, payloads, specifications, storage space and more.

Read on to hear our van vs van comparison of the MAN eTGE Dropside and the Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside.

Engines and Spec

Let’s get straight to business and take a look at the driving forces behind each van. Of course, no engines here, so we’ll be comparing batteries and motors. This is ideal for those working in urban environments or navigating congestion charges. No more clean air restrictions or pesky fines!

First up, let’s check out the Man eTGE Dropside. This nifty vehicle is powered by a highly efficient 36kWh lithium-ion battery, capable of providing around 110km of range on a single charge. Sure, this may not be the perfect choice for those driving long distances across the country, but for cities and towns, it is perfect. What’s more, MAN guarantees the proper functioning of the high-voltage battery for 8 years or 160,000km!

In addition to providing plenty of emission-free mileage, the MAN eTGE Dropside also packs a real punch in terms of horsepower. The mighty electric motor produces 100kW of power and 290Nm of instant torque!

In terms of payload and dropside functionality, the MAN eTGE lives up to its reputation. The lightweight aluminium body measures 3,255 x 2,040 x 300 mm; that’s plenty of space for bulky equipment and building materials.

So, how does the Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside compare? In terms of power, this van offers the choice between a 37kWh or 75kWh battery. Either of these, combined with the 90kW electric motor, is sure to provide all the power you’ll need for transporting heavy loads and zipping around the city. Sure, the Movano-e sits slightly behind the MAN eTGE, with 122hp and 260Nm of torque, but these differences are minute, and will hardly affect the driving experience. That said, those who choose the 75kWh battery will be impressed by the 223km range, double that of the MAN eTGE.


With batteries, motors, payloads and power out of the way, let’s jump inside each of these vans and check out the cabs.

Stepping inside the cab of the MAN eTGE, drivers will be impressed by the sleek, well-designed interior. As far as commercial vans are concerned, this is top-class. There is plenty of storage, with incredibly secure lockers for tools, money and valuables while out on a job. Of course, the eTGE is kitted out with all the technology you’d expect, including a multifunctional screen which can operate as a media player or navigation system.

With that in mind, the Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside puts up fierce competition. This mighty vehicle offers class-leading space without sacrificing comfort or build quality. With a touchscreen infotainment display, built-in navigation system, Bluetooth and mobile phone connectivity, the cab has all you could want and more. We’re particularly fond of the MyVauxhall app, which allows access to useful information such as nearby charging stations, while VauxhallConnect gives drivers access to features such as current charge status.

The Verdict

There you have it. Two mighty electric vans put head to head. There’s no denying that both the MAN eTGE Dropside and the Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside boast a plethora of brilliant features. From their well-designed cabs and smooth driving experience to decent payloads and emission-free motors, there’s certainly a lot to take in.

That said, choosing between the two is not easy. The answer, of course, depends on personal preference and professional requirements. Those seeking that extra mileage would be better suited to the Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside, with its stunning 223km range. However, those on the hunt for a van with a little more torque for heavy loads and stop-start driving may prefer the MAN eTGE Dropside.

Still unsure? No problem! Here at Van Sales UK, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.


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