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MAN eTGE Tipper vs Renault Master Z.E Tipper

February 9th, 2023

Electric vans have now entered the mainstream vehicle market and they are undoubtedly capable machines. While this is of course a huge win for the environment and an incredibly impressive achievement from the large van manufacturers it does cause a slight conundrum for the consumer. Many people who now have an electric van in their sights must weigh up the options of several petrol-free vehicles before they decide on their new workhorse. In this blog, we’ll discuss the latest models of the well-respected MAN eTGE Tipper and the reliable Renault Master Z.E Tipper.

Renault and Man have both been front runners in the van world for some time and their reputation is well known. This makes choosing between the two incredibly difficult and if these vans are the last on your list then here at Van Sales UK, we’re not surprised. Both of these vehicles are incredibly capable of carrying huge loads while still allowing both the driver and passenger to feel comfortable. What’s more, the electric technology on display really is phenomenal and it will certainly open your eyes to the possibilities of electric vehicles.

So, which is better: the MAN eTGE Tipper or the Renault Master Z.E Tipper. Essentially this will come down to a series of factors. The first is of course the power that both of these vans have at their disposal. While power is not the only important factor for tipper vans it is a huge contributor. After all, tippers need to be capable of lifting large loads of soil or materials and the motor’s power is the only force and play when it comes to pulling these loads. The interior is also incredibly important as the diver and passenger need to be comfortable. Finally, there are the range statistics and payload figures which are arguably the two most influential factors.

Engines and Spec

As we discussed previously, the engine and spec are incredibly important as, without a powerful engine capable of pulling the van, the vehicle is rendered almost useless. So naturally, the engine’s motor has to be powerful enough to comfortably pull the van when it is fully loaded. The fact is both of these vans have incredibly powerful electric motors and they are more than capable of powering the vehicles. The great thing about the modern electric motor is the instant torque you will receive as a driver. Torque will allow you to feel the power of the engine straight away which means towing and pulling a heavy load will be incredibly easy.

As for charging both of these vans have both fast charging and standard mains power charging available. So, whether you’re on the road or at home you can get your van charged up and ready to go for the next job at hand. Essentially then, when it comes to engine and spec there is little to split between the two vans.


The interior is of course a vital part of any van and you must seriously consider this element before purchasing your vehicle. Comfort is a huge factor when it comes to enjoying your day’s work and if your van provides little in this area then your working day will suffer. Aside from comfort, your van must also have plenty of storage within the interior so you have a palace to put your tools and valuables. So, which is better, the MAN eTGE Tipper or Renault Master Z.E Tipper?

When it comes to storage capabilities we’d say that the MAN eTGE Tipper takes the crown. There are a myriad of storage compartments and lockers throughout the van’s cab and some hidden lockers as well for your valuables and tools. As for technology, the Renault has a few more features in this department. To start the multimedia screen is slightly larger but there is also a rear-view reversing camera and parking sensors.

The Verdict

When it comes to running costs both these vans will be almost exactly the same. The beauty of electric vans is that they are completely free when it comes to road tax, congestion charges, and low emission zones. So, you won’t have any nasty hidden costs when you’re driving around. What’s more, most of the fast chargers dotted around the country are also free to use and your mains power will suffer very little from you charging the van overnight.

With the payload statistics the Renault has slightly better figures so you can carry a few extra wheelbarrow loads on the back. However, in reality, there is very little to split the two in this metric and it will come down to the small factors. Of course, you may need every last pound of payload you can get and if so the Renault is definitely the van for you. Though if the payload metrics aren’t the be-all and end-all for you then you’ll likely make your decision on a few other factors.

Whichever van you choose here at Van Sales UK we can help. Make sure to contact us today to speak with our experienced and friendly staff.


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