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MAN eTGE Tipper vs Volkswagen E-Crafter Tipper

April 20th, 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s quite likely that the term ‘EV’ means something to you. Whether you’ve seen them in the paper, online or on the road, electric vehicles have taken the world by storm.

What’s more, over the past decade, advances in technology, coupled with an increased understanding of climate change, have left us with no choice but to change the way we work. Businesses large and small are adopting new technologies to secure their place in a sustainable future.

We know what you’re thinking. Won’t all-electric vehicles slow businesses and reduce efficiency? The answer is no! Many of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as MAN and Volkswagen, boast a range of high-performance commercial vehicles, powered entirely by lithium-ion batteries and expertly designed motors.

If you’re on the hunt for a new commercial vehicle, an electric model may just be the best choice. In the following article, we’re placing two incredibly practical electric vans head to head to find out which is best.

Read on to discover how the MAN eTGE Tipper and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Tipper compare.

Engines and Spec

Let’s jump right in and take a look at each van’s power source.

Of course, the eTGE Tipper is all-electric, so there is no engine. Instead, this capable van is powered by a 36kWh battery hooked up to a 100kWh motor. This combination generates 290Nm of torque and can travel around 75 miles on a single charge.

It’s safe to say that this van isn’t designed for cross-country road trips and long journeys, but its versatile tipper body and nippy motor make it perfect for transporting materials and debris around a city or urban environment. What it lacks in range, the eTGE Tipper makes up for thanks to a payload of 2,515kg, easily unloadable via the remote tipping functionality.

So how does the Volkswagen E-Crafter Tipper compare? There’s no denying that Volkswagen have earned a reputation for excellence within the world of commercial vans; their all-electric Crafter Tipper is no exception.

This van cruises past the MAN eTGE in terms of battery range, with a capacity of 107 miles on a single charge. Again, this is a perfect choice for those constantly nipping back and forth from the site or transporting materials across town. it is still a perfect choice for city driving and urban navigation. That said, the 35kWh lithium-ion battery can be recharged on the go with ease, reaching 80% capacity in just 40 minutes when a fast point is used.


Both the MAN eTGE Tipper and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Tipper boast excellent handling and fully remote tipper control. Each is a capable van, ideal for short journeys and nearby work. That said, practicality isn’t everything, you need to know you’ll be comfortable at the wheel!

Stepping inside the cab of the MAN eTGE drivers will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of space. From storage cubbies to lockers, there are plenty of hideaways for valuables such as tools and devices. That said, the eTGE boasts more than a few cubby holes; with a rearview camera, parking sensors, and an emergency brake assist system, drivers are sure to feel safe and secure at the wheel of this van.

The MAN eTGE is a formidable competitor, but Volkswagen know what they’re doing when it comes to interiors. The E-Crafter features a wide range of tech and safety features, sure to keep drivers and passengers safe and entertained while on the road. These include a large infotainment screen, park assist, post-collision braking, lane-keeping assist and trailer assist. What’s more, comfort and visibility are guaranteed thanks to the heated windscreen, steering wheel and seats!

The Verdict

Plenty to take in, right? There’s no two ways about it, both of these electric vans are a tradesperson’s best friend. With powerful tipper functions, impressive payloads and all-electric efficiency, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

There is no sure winner here; the van that is best for you will depend on personal requirements and taste. If you’re still unsure which you prefer, don’t fret.

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.


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