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MAN TGE Luton Review

April 28th, 2023

Who would benefit from a Luton van? Well, if you’re looking for a commercial van that has the capacity of a lorry but the agility of a smaller vehicle, look no further than the Luton. Favoured by removal specialists, courier drivers, and small business owners, this practical transportation has ensured that goods and services are delivered on time since the mid-20th century.

This review looks at the MAN TGE Luton van, which is ideal for people who work in various trade sectors, including removal companies and courier businesses.

Starting from £29,990 to buy outright, or £399 plus VAT when bought on finance at Van Sales UK, the MAN TGE Luton excels when it comes to driveability, comfort, loading capabilities and overall convenience, making it ideal to suit both your personal and professional needs.

The MAN TGE Luton at a glance

Since 2017, the MAN TGE Luton has been on sale and has rivalled other big name competitors such as  the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit. A solid van that suits high capacity courier work, the MAN TGE Luton is solid, load bearing van that is ideal for heavy cargo.

With MAN’s best-in-class 2.0 litre diesel engine, if you’re a delivery driver that needs a powerful van, this vehicle is the one for you. This large courier van is well-suited to large companies as well as freelance drivers. The MAN TGE Luton comes in a variety of colours along with a range of excellent features that suits all drivers and ensures easy accessibility to its large storage area to make for quick deliveries and pick-ups.

Engines and Spec

With four versions available of the 2.0-litre turbo engine, the MAN TGE has plenty of engine options to ensure that you have the power that is right for you. It has the capability to reach a maximum of 177hp in conjunction with a 411 Nm torque, making motorway driving efficient. Multiple drive and transmission options such as Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive make the handling of this van even easier. This makes it the ideal vehicle for those who need both power for heavy loads on motorways and easy handling around tight streets with limited space and parking options.

The maximum payload for a 3.5t MAN TGE is 1,333kg, which although substantial, may not be enough for tradespeople that need to transport heavier loads.

Interested to know whether the MAN TGE Luton is suitable for your removals business or courier company? Read more about it in our MAN TGE Luton review.


Those who spend all day in a van moving from one job to another know that comfort is at the top of the list. The driver’s cab of the MAN TGE is well-built, practical and perfect for long driving days. For example, big cupholders and overhead bins mean that lunch on the go is easy and convenient. Useful features also include a folding centre seat that doubles as a desktop with plenty of power sources, should you need to update your inventory in between or during jobs.

Anyone who’s spent all day hauling heavy items in and out of a van will be glad to know that high quality air conditioning comes as standard. Likewise for those chilly winter months heated seats, steering wheel and windscreen ensure that your day to day is as comfortable as possible. What’s more, the van comes with bluetooth and hands-free, cruise control and remote locking, making this an enjoyable and practical drive.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy and comfortable to drive
  • Customisable, powerful engine
  • User friendly cab design


  • Payload could be higher
  • Lacks high tech features
  • Powerful engine means low fuel economy

The Verdict

As a Luton van, it should be put forward that the MAN TGE Luton ranks highly for trades such as couriers and removals companies. Despite being a large van, the ease of driving means that you’ll feel as though you’re driving a much smaller van. Its cab design is user-friendly and comfortable making it suitable for the your needs throughout the day.

While it may not have the some of latest technologies and features as standard, the TGE Luton instead has the advantage of being ideal for long distance journeys as it can travel further before needing to fuel up all while carrying heavy loads at the same time.

If this sounds like the van for you or you simply have more questions, enquire now with Van Sales UK. We offer the MAN TGE Luton on finance, with manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance included. The MAN TGE Luton costs £29,990 to buy outright, or £399 plus VAT when bought on finance and is available at Van Sales UK.


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