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Man TGE Luton vs MAN eTGE Electric Luton

January 24th, 2023

Since 2017, the MAN TGE Luton van has been helping courier drivers transport and deliver their loads securely and conveniently, being a van that is not only fit for purpose but goes above and beyond to create a comfortable and practical experience for the driver.

However, there is now a strong contender to compete with the TGE Luton, and that would be its electric sibling – the MAN eTGE Luton. Offering similar capabilities to the diesel TGE, the eTGE has many intuitive features that make for convenient and smooth driving, all while performing as well as you’d expect from a Luton van.

If you wish to learn how these vans compare in terms of loading space, interior features and driving performance, then read on below to learn all you need to know.

Engines and Spec

If you are after a powerful van, then the MAN TGE gives you plenty of engine options to ensure this. With four versions available of the 2.0-litre turbo engine, it has the capability to reach a maximum of 177hp in conjunction with a 411 Nm torque. This especially makes motorway driving efficient in the MAN TGE Luton, as you can easily reach top speeds with responsive acceleration, without the heavy loads in the back slowing you down or impacting the quality of your drive too much.

The handling of this van can also be made even easier thanks to there being multiple drive and transmission options available, which you can read more about in our MAN TGE Luton review.

In comparison, the eTGE Luton is only capable of reaching a maximum horsepower of 136hp, while its maximum torque sits at 290 Nm. This is comparatively less than the diesel model, meaning it will not perform as well carrying large loads over longer distances at higher speeds. This would likely cause the drive to feel slower and sluggish, although it would still remain smooth and quiet thanks to the fully electric engine and automatic transmission.

Furthermore, using the eTGE Luton in this way would significantly impact the driving range. On a full charge, the eTGE can manage a range of 71 miles, although this is subject to reductions when taking into account larger load weights, high speeds and use of auxiliary consumers. For this reason, the eTGE Luton is much more suited for transporting and delivering goods locally, rather than across the country.

If this is more similar to the journeys you predominantly make, then the eTGE Luton certainly is worth considering. It even offers incentives for this pattern of driving; as well as keeping you exempt from paying any congestion charges in low-emission and clean-air zones (as many major cities are now introducing) thanks to its zero tail emissions, the eTGE uses clever recuperation technology to preserve as much energy as possible and increase your driving range. This means that energy will be delivered back into the battery each time you break , which is what allows it to perform so well in heavily congested traffic.

If driving assistance is important to you for safer driving, then you will be pleased to know that both the TGE and eTGE Luton feature Emergency Brake Assist, which will alert the driver with a warning signal when approaching an obstacle and failing to react, then will automatically start braking in an emergency situation. On top of this, the eTGE also features Side Wall Protection Assist, Active Lane Assist and a rear-view camera as standard, whereas these are only available as optional extras with the TGE at an additional cost.


Loading space in both the TGE and eTGE Luton vans will not disappoint, with each offering 4,250mm by 2,085mm by 2,390mm of loading space, which is enough room to securely fit up to 6 standard euro pallets. Lashing rails are also available with both models to securely tie your cargo down for safe transportation.

The driver’s cabin in each van has been designed with both comfort and practicality in mind, with all controls having been ergonomically designed and positioned. This includes button controls on the steering wheel that control certain features such as volume and song skipping within the linked infotainment system.

Being the more recent model of the two, the eTGE does take the edge over the TGE in that certain features that the TGE only has as optional extras are included as standard. This includes the Comfort Plus driver’s seat, a heated windshield, the MAN Media Van Navigation system (which also shows you the nearest charging stations to your position) and cruise control. More about the standard features of the eTGE’s interior can be found in our eTGE Luton review.

Storage space is abundant in both, with seven different sections throughout the cabin offering storage for multiple items, including cupholders, storage compartments and a lockable glove box to keep your valuable items safe.

The Verdict/Snap shot

As a Luton van, it can easily be argued that both the MAN TGE and eTGE Luton vans rank high in their respective markets of combustion and electric vans. In terms of how they pit against each other, the best van for you is dependent on your needs and requirements.

If comfortable and intuitive driving is a must for you, then the eTGE Luton certainly offers the most comfort and convenience thanks to it possessing the industry’s latest innovative features and design, on top of the smoothness provided by its electric engine. In spite of this, its overall driving performance is somewhat limited due to its low range and charging restrictions, however for individuals who operate courier service in urban areas or companies that offer local home and office removals, it is more than capable of meeting your daily needs.

Although it doesn’t have the same latest technologies and features as standard, the TGE Luton instead has the advantage of being ideal for long distance journeys and motorway driving, being able to travel further before needing to fuel up all while carrying heavy loads at the same time. It also has the benefit of being cheaper to hire or buy outright, though it is less cost-efficient to run long-term.

If either of these vans sounds ideal for you, enquire today with Van Sales UK. We offer both the MAN TGE Luton and eTGE Luton on finance, with manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance included.


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