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MAN TGE Tipper Review

April 28th, 2023

The MAN TGE Tipper at a glance

The MAN TGE Tipper has cracked the code for manufacturing a brilliant and reliable van. Although it isn’t a luxury name like Mercedes, the MAN TGE Tipper is a dependable van with a range of brilliant features. If you’re looking for something road-ready, adaptable and practical, then look no further. The TGE Tipper is here to give you ‘almost limitless options for your daily working life’ as stated by the manufacturer themselves.

With brilliant tipper functionality and a roomy interior, this van is the perfect solution to your long haul journeys. Equipped with various features, this van is the perfect daily use vehicle to get you and your colleagues from A to B, nice and smoothly.

For professionals who are working with heavy materials, bricklaying or landscaping, the MAN TGE Tipper could be the ideal choice. Keep reading to find our comprehensive breakdown of the MAN TGE Tipper and how it could benefit your working life.

Engines and Spec

The MAN TGE Tipper has a powerful 2 litre diesel engine and a generously sized loading area, great for bricklayers or landscapers who need a convenient and easy tipping van. With a 3270 mm load length across the steel flooring, you are looking at an easy loading process, with a 2100 mm width. And, with lightweight, aluminium sideboards measuring up at 400 mm, you can seamlessly load your vehicle with materials and rest assured that they are secure.

If this is your first rodeo with a tipper van, the MAN TGE Tipper is simple to use and a good van to start getting to grips with. On the other hand, if you are experienced with tipper vans, then the desirable features of the affordable TGE Tipper may be the perfect qualities for you!

All the details of this van are accounted for, from the bodywork to the 205/75 R16 tyres. Not to mention, the brilliant cab design. The MAN TGE Tipper is extremely affordable and if you acquire your van from Van Sales UK, we have a range of leasing options to meet your requirements.


You will notice the efficiency of this brilliant German vehicle, even though some competitor vans have more luxury gadgets and tech options, the MAN TGE Tipper definitely makes up for it. Your interior features include a MAN Media system, a 5″ TFT screen, USB connection and Bluetooth capabilities. All your tech features, combined with a roomy front cab will make for a comfortable and stimulating drive on those long haul days.

On the theme of comfort, the MAN TGE Tipper has other convenient features such as a multi-function steering wheel, 2 way lumbar support in the driver’s seat and height adjustment. Additionally, in the passenger seat, there is a storage box and a fold down table, perfect for food on the go.

You also have plenty of safety features when it comes to the MAN TGE Tipper that has been carefully thought out. With an anti-lock braking system and electric brake assist, the stop start system of this van makes this tipper safe and simple to get your head around. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first time tipper user, the MAN TGE Tipper is nice and easy to operate.

If you want to keep a spare tire in the vehicle too, you have plenty of room to keep one stashed away in the unfortunate event that you need it!

Pros & Cons

While there are a world of great components to the MAN TGE Tipper, there are both pros and cons to think about.


  • Good for beginners and experienced tipper users
  • Good interior design, space and legroom
  • Affordable and all round good quality features


  • Limited tech features in comparison to other vans
  • Diesel powered engine isn’t the most eco-friendly
  • Some may not find the exterior design appealing

The Verdict

Overall, there are a range of great aspects to the MAN TGE Tipper. If you are working in industries that require large loads of materials and equipment such as landscaping or collecting recyclable waste, then the generous payload of the MAN TGE Tipper is perfect. Easy to use for those just starting out and for seasoned professionals, this van has the perfect balance of convenience and comfort.

While you may be compromising on the advanced tech features, this van is still designed to make your life easier. With simple tipper functions and safety features, the MAN TGE Tipper is a brilliant candidate for your next van!

For more information or advice on your next van purchase, feel free to get in touch with us at Van Sales UK and speak to one of our team today!


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