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MAN TGE Van Review

June 15th, 2023

The MAN TGE Van at a glance

From couriers to tradespeople, or even a trusty van conversion, the MAN TGE panel van certainly can cater to a vast range of professional needs. With two wheelbases, three vehicle lengths and three vehicle heights to choose from, it no doubt can meet the needs of many, not to mention the additional practicality it offers in its extra external and internal features.

The TGE is comfortable to drive and the controls are practical and easy to use, whilst the cabin area is spacious and offers copious amounts of storage space that is ideal for busy professionals. This offer of space continues through into the loading area, with up to a generous 18.4 cubic metres of loading capacity available. Of course, this comes hand in hand with numerous lashing options as per your requirements.

Keep reading as we go on to discuss the specifications and interior of the MAN TGE van in more detail, with reference to specific jobs that would especially benefit from the use of this van.

Engines and Spec

All TGE panel vans come with a 2.0L diesel engine, with the choice for 75kW, 103kW, 120kW or 130kW of power, ranging between 300-410 Nm of maximum torque. The engine used is reliable and robust for high mileage, though its low fuel consumption means operating costs also stay low. The TGE comes available with either 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission and can be with front, rear or all-wheel drive.

As we’ve mentioned, there are three different load lengths and heights (these being standard, long and extra long), which range between a gross weight of 3.0-5.5 tonnes. As for payload ratings, the lowest maximum payload sits at 764kg and the highest at 2,295kg, depending on which model you get.

In terms of the loading area, the standard length offers 5,986mm, the long 6,836mm and the extra long 7,391mm, then the normal roof height sits at 2,355mm, the high roof 2,590mm and the super-high roof 2,798mm. This results in a load volume ranging between 9.3m3-18.4m3 – again, dependent on which model and transmission you opt for.


The cargo area is really where this van shines. Along with the abundance of space that it offers, there are up to 14 lashing points and rails embedded in the floor, side walls, end wall and roof, allowing you to keep everything where it should be and secure your loads. Loading and unloading is also made even easier with the front-wheel drive models, since they feature a low loading edge with the option for an additional step.

This is extremely useful for tradespeople, such as carpenters, who may need to keep a workbench and essential equipment in the back of their van, so they can ensure that these are secure when driving out to each job. Likewise, it is great for couriers making deliveries of larger and/or fragile items, since these can be arranged neatly and secured safely so that they are not damaged in transit to the customer.

Bright, long-lasting LED lights are also included as standard in the loading area, which is perfect for anyone who works late shifts and will need to see easier in the dark, but is also especially useful for anyone who has converted the back of their van to work in (which is certainly feasible given the range of size options), for example a mobile dog groomer or beautician.

Moving on to the cabin area of the TGE, this is where those who spend most or at least a good proportion of their working day in their van will be impressed. The TGE offers plenty of storage space to keep all your important documents, working gear and other tidbits that you may need at any time thanks to the storage space under the folding bench seat, as well as deep storage bins underneath the entire length of the windscreen. Of course there are also cup holders and storage compartments in the doors to keep your vehicle essentials.

Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of lashing rails to keep loads secure for professional equipment and/or fragile parcels.
  • Large variety of vehicle size and transmission options, ideal for business van conversions.
  • Lots of storage that is convenient for self-employed individuals that use their van for work.


  • Low-loading is only available with front-wheel drive models.
  • Some convenient features are only available at an extra cost.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a practical, reliable and versatile panel van to add to your business’s fleet or to support your self-employed work, then the MAN TGE Van should certainly be one you consider. Ideal for anyone working as a courier, tradesperson or even someone looking to convert a van to make their business mobile, it offers plenty of convenient loading space options along with personal storage space, and can be tailored to your personal preferences in terms of transmission and driving capabilities.

If you think that this van sounds like a match for you, then you’ll be pleased to know that we currently have the brand new MAN TGE Van 2023 in stock and available here at Van Sales UK. We offer it on low rate, zero-deposit finance, starting at £319 plus VAT.

Enquire now to learn more about what we can offer you. Let us help you to find your perfect van.


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