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Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside vs Maxus E-Deliver 9 Electric Dropside

January 24th, 2023

Like many manufacturers nowadays, the Chinese brand Maxus is heading towards a more sustainable future by bringing out electric variations of their most popular diesel counterparts.

The Deliver 9 Dropside range is no exception to this, with the diesel-powered Maxus Deliver 9 and the recent release of the all-electric E-Deliver 9 Dropside both being strong contenders in their respective markets.

While Maxus is no stranger to the electric large van market, the E-Deliver 9 Dropside is a brand-new model that was built on a platform which was always destined to have electricity at its heart. Since its release, it has been securing high-profile fleet details with household names in the commercial industry ever since.

Undercutting competitors with price, however, is the practical, and affordable diesel-powered Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside, boasting a good payload with competitive running costs, all for less than its main rivals.

While like most electric vehicles, the electric E-Deliver 9 Dropside is more expensive to buy outright than its diesel counterpart, both vans are available to buy on finance at Van Sales UK for a more cost-effective and affordable approach.

If you are struggling to decide which vehicle would be best for your individual needs, then keep reading for an in-depth comparison of the engines, specs and interior of the Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside and the E-Deliver 9 Dropside.

Engines and Spec

The most obvious difference between the Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside and the E-Deliver 9 Dropside is, of course, the engine.

The Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside offers a 2.0-litre diesel engine known as the SAIC Pi engine which produces 163hp and 375Nm of torque. Recent updates to the engine mean that it delivers a much more powerful and refined drive.

Peak torque comes in fairly rapidly at around 1,500rpm so you don’t have to work the engine very hard in order to make good progress. The steering is particularly light making city driving easy and it is comfortable even without anything in the back which is not always the case for vans of this kind.

What’s more, the safety kit for the Deliver 9 is better than most of its rivals out of the box, with autonomous emergency braking and lane keep assist as standard plus driver and passenger airbags.

The biggest drawback of the Maxus Deliver 9 is that it is a bit noisy and there is a bit of road noise that penetrates into the cabin, but you can’t fault its performance or driving matters. Where the diesel van is a bit coarse and noisy, the E-Deliver 9 is not.

The E-Deliver 9 Dropside delivers a smooth and quiet ride thanks to its 150kW (201bhp) motor that develops 310Nm of peak torque. That’s considerably more power than the 161bhp diesel model.

It also handles well and is aided by the heavy batteries beneath the chassis which makes the van feel much more planted than the diesel does when unladen.

The E-Deliver 9 Dropside matches the high level of safety equipment offered in the diesel-powered Maxus Deliver 9, with automatic emergency braking, lane change assist, lane departure warning, blindspot monitoring, keyless start and entry, automatic ignition off unlocking and an alarm.

The diesel-powered Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside offers a respectable payload range from 1110kg up to 1360kg.

However, as mentioned in our Maxus E-Deliver 9 review, the E-Deliver 9 falls just short of this, offering a respectable maximum payload of 1200kg for the 52kWh model, 1020kg for 72kWh and 860kg for the 89kWh. The electric vehicle can also be charged in as little as 40-45 minutes depending on the size of the battery, whilst at-home charging points will offer similar charging times to most electric vehicles, (around 6-8 hours).


The interior of the E-Deliver 9 Dropside is not dissimilar to the diesel model, offering a sleek and modern interior which is packed full of equipment.

The material quality of the E-Deliver 9 Dropside isn’t as high-quality as some other competitors but, like the Diesel Deliver 9, this is a van that priorities equipment with electric heated mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning, an 8-way adjustable driver’s seat, automatic headlights, tyre pressure monitoring, front and rear parking sensors, and reversing camera, all as standard.

Both the electric and diesel variation offers a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that dominates the dashboard.

If you are looking for a drop side with a simple, attractive cabin and lots of equipment, then both the Maxus Deliver 9 and the E-Delivery 9 Dropside are strong contenders to consider.

The Verdict/Snap shot

While both the Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside and the E-Deliver 9 Dropside are packed full of features, the ideal van for you will boil down to your individual needs and preferences.

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and practical diesel-powered dropside with an impressive payload, then the Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside could be the vehicle for you.

However, if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly dropside offering a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride, then the E-Deliver 9 Dropside is a sure choice for you.

Both the Maxus Deliver 9 Dropside and the E-Deliver 9 are available to buy on finance at Van Sales UK for an affordable and cost-effective approach.

To explore the other range of new vans we have on offer at Van Sales UK, browse through our catalogue today. Or, if you have any questions or queries about any of the vans we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team here today.


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