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Maxus E Deliver 9 Electric Luton Review

December 14th, 2022

Maxus E Deliver 9 Luton At A Glance

A fairly new contender in the world of road-ready vans, when compared to other notable contemporary manufacturers, Maxus certainly don’t have the history and prestige of rivals such as Ford and Renault. Despite this, the emerging Chinese brand is likely to soon become a recognisable household name if they uphold the quality on show within the E Deliver 9 Luton. The majority of van manufacturers now have an electric model in their large van range – and this is a fantastic choice from Maxus, competing with the Citroen e-Dispatch, Vauxhall Vivaro-e and others in several important areas.

As a bulkier larger alternative to the E Deliver 3, the 9 Luton represents outstanding performance, high efficiency and reliability too, with the benefits of a Luton chassis and proven sustainable electric functionality packed within. One of the most versatile fully-electric models within the growing Van Sales UK online catalogue, the Maxus E Deliver 9 Luton maintains a good range and satisfactory payload, with competitive performance specs to boot. Designed with EV Features in mind as a primary thought, owners can expect a roomy interior due largely to the extra-long body, while we were blown away by the excess legroom and passenger comfort.

Features and optional extras range from desirable safety inclusions, techy gadgets for long drives and relaxing treks, among tradesperson-specific storage essentials and much more. With so much to cover within the review of this large environmentally friendly van option, read on for our detailed thoughts.

Engines and Spec

Crucial for any van owner is that their vehicle remains convenient to drive, refuel and unload, with each of these requirements met by the multifunctional Maxus. Though none of the standout specs within the E Deliver 9 Luton are eye-catching as such, this Luton variety is 100% electric – with green driving guaranteeing a comfy hassle-free journey. Charged as you would expect, via a dedicated public charge point or home EV charge system, long gone are the days of queuing at pricey petrol stations if you’re the owner of an eco-friendly EV automobile. Van options on finance or via part-exchange can even cut costs further, giving you more bang for your buck.

Specific spec highlights stretch from the desirable 219 mile range to the reasonable 1290kg payload, which although nothing to write home about, offers more than enough leeway for you to stash heavy materials and larger objects. A 150Kw 310Nm motor can be paired usefully with either the integrated 51.5kWh, 72kWh or 88.55 kWh battery configuration, producing fast charge potential of 80% in just 40 minutes. Though not enough of a disappointment to avoid this model altogether, use in inner-city areas may be limited due to the enhanced-length storage area and length. Battery position may decrease overall visible load space, but the payload doesn’t take a hit as far as we’re concerned.


A very large van, with an extremely spacious cabin, the E Deliver 9 certainly delivers when it comes to quality, safety and convenience considerations. Alloy wheels, air conditioning, a multifunctional steering wheel and much more can prove beneficial on a daily basis, meanwhile for safety, automatic emergency braking and intelligent anti-theft security provide peace of mind. Comfort is ensured with an interactive 10 inch touch screen, 8-direction adjustable driver’s seat with armrest and varied driving modes – though if we’re being pedantic, the interactive screen could be larger.

Contrasting safe single-side sliding doors and double wing rear doors give the owner freedom of choice, with 11 metres of storage space to select from. A huge array of features come both as standard and optional picks, and a spacious enough cab means users can benefit from these assets while stretching their legs.

Pros & Cons


  • Seamlessly sustainable.

  • Features are varied for different user groups.

  • Specs are at least on par with other popular e-vans.


  • In-cab touchscreen is on the smaller side.

  • May be better suited for use outside of urban cityscapes.

  • Not the fastest, though electric vans rarely are.

The Verdict

The Maxus E Deliver 9 Luton is the foolproof choice for a larger fleet of vehicles., when you’re looking to get ahead of the curve and reduce a carbon footprint. Tech and comfort features, alongside the low running costs of electric driving are particularly worth a look. While this handy work van could be better suited for use outside of urban areas, make environmentally harmful diesel and petrol driving a thing of the past when you acquire this proven Maxus choice.

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