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Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Dropside vs Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside

February 16th, 2023

If you’re on the hunt for a van, a dropside variant can be an excellent choice that is suitable for a wide variety of commercial uses. Dropside variants feature a large cargo bed on the back of the van with sides that “drop” (hence the name) up and down to help make loading and unloading a simple process. The foldable sides of the cargo bed make dropside vehicles perfect for transporting heavy and awkwardly-shaped goods with ease.

Mercedes-Benz’s diesel Sprinter is a well-regarded van that dominated the light commercial vehicle marketplace, a success that they have attempted to continue with their electric version, the e-Sprinter. The hotly-anticipated e-Sprinter arrived in showrooms in 2019 and is available in a dropside variant.

Vauxhall, like Mercedes, have delved into the electric van market and will offer an electric variant alongside every one of their vehicles by 2024. One of these electric vehicles is the Vauxhall Movano-e which, available in a dropside variant, has been widely praised.

We’ve compared the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Dropside and Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside against each other, to learn more about these two excellent vans which are suited to a wide variety of commercial contexts and both stocked by Van Sales UK. Read on to learn more about each.

Engines and Spec

The Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Dropside is fitted with a 55kWh battery which has a driving range of 96 miles from a full charge. Whilst this mileage is somewhat underwhelming, the eSprinter has fast-charging options which make it easy to top up. A 20kW charge can bring it up to 80% in under two hours; an 80kW fast-charging port can do the same in only 30 minutes. However, if you only have access to a standard 7.4kW wallbox, the eSprinter will take around 8 hours to charge.

The eSprinter boasts the same electrically-assisted steering as its diesel model, making the van feel responsive and precise through corners. Whilst the van doesn’t have an incredibly high top speed, the availability of lots of torque from a standstill means it can go from 0-30mph very quickly.

The fortitude with which the eSprinter can traverse corners, as well as its responsive launch, and the low driving range all make it arguably a vehicle best suited to built-up, urban environments. In a dropside variant, the eSprinter would be an ideal vehicle for the effortless inter-city transportation of goods.

On the other hand, the Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside is available with a 37kWh or 75kWh battery pack, the former having a driving range of 72 miles and the latter 154 miles. With a 50kWh fast charger, the Movano-e can charge 0-80% in around an hour but will take six to twelve hours to charge with a standard 7kWh wall box.

The Vauxhall is fitted with a 90kW motor and is more comfortable at higher speeds than the Mercedes, reaching up to 75mph and with the equivalent of 120hp. The Movano-e is also packed to the brim with impressive safety features which further make long-distance driving a stress-free, comfortable experience. Forward collision alert, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and Hill Descent Control can all be available, although they depend on the specific trim level.


Mercedes-Benz is often famed for the thoughtful comfortability of its vehicles’ interiors, and the e-Sprinter is no exception, having a well-designed, quiet cab with three distinct driving modes to make journeys easier. The van has many technological features, including lane-keeping assist, crosswind assist, and autonomous emergency braking, which further compound the user-friendly nature of the eSprinter’s driving experience.

The Mercedes-Benz has a payload capacity of 774kg, a slightly underwhelming figure when compared to the Vauxhall’s maximum payload of 2,110kg. This is by no means a notable crutch on the eSprinter van as a whole, however. Even as a dropside variant, the true effortlessness of its driving experience overshadows the disappointing payload figure.

Meanwhile, the Vauxhall Movano-e has an impressive interior, partly due to the lack of a gear stick; the gear selector is a button which you can press to choose between the driving modes of drive, neutral, and reverse. This frees up space in the cab, making it a spacious and enjoyable experience to spend time in.

The Movano-e has a 5’’ touchscreen infotainment display with built-in navigation. Not only this, but the vehicle benefits from being linked to the Vauxhall Connect and MyVauxhall apps. Available on a smartphone, these apps allow you to find nearby charging stations, provide real-time traffic information, and show the Movano-e’s current charge status.

The Verdict

Overall, both the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Dropside and Vauxhall Movano-e Dropside are dynamic and impressive vehicles that can suit a wide range of commercial uses. It could be said that the eSprinter is more suitable for city driving due to its mileage, handling, and launch, whilst the Movano-e is more comfortable on longer journeys.

Despite this distinction, both vehicles can serve the commercial user with pride, and if you’re interested in the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter or Vauxhall Movano-e, both vans are available as a dropside variant alongside a wide range of other body types, from a tipper to a Luton.

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