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Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Electric Tipper Review

December 14th, 2022

The eSprinter Tipper at a glance

For some time now, the challenge of producing a practical large electric van has been one that many manufacturers have spent hours scratching their heads over. The conundrum is an obvious one, really. The extra weight that is involved with such a large vehicle requires them to have far more power than the average van. However, with electric vans and all e-vehicles, in fact, there is a basic equation to consider. This equation is quite simple, if you add more power you suffer with less range.

Now, of course, with a large van, tradespeople will need a vehicle with enough range to handle the average commute and back. This is where the eSprinter comes in. It is arguably the most capable large van in the market today and will certainly be a great addition to your fleet or business. The van’s mileage, though fairly small, is still far more than many other large payload vans and can certainly handle large motorway journeys.

Engines and Spec

Clearly, with a large electric van, drivers simply won’t get that same rush of power, which is so common with smaller electric vehicles. However, electric motors are extremely punchy and even with a large vehicle, this won’t disappear. With the eSprinter this is no different and you’ll still have that surge of speed when you pull away. This really does make the driving experience pretty fantastic for a van. Put it this way, if you order this van, your commutes to the site are set to become a whole lot more exciting.

We’ve mentioned it a few times now, but there’s no denying that the range is an issue. Yes, it is more than other vans and yes, it will last an average commute, but it is still fairly low. In comparison to some of the smaller electric vans and cars, the 70 miles which the sprinter manages is somewhat disappointing. However, the standard charging option allows the vehicle to reach 80% in just two hours and the fast charging model achieves this in 30 minutes.


The brilliant thing about tippers is just how capable and adaptable they are. The electric Sprinter tipper is no different and you’ll get all of the same diverse benefits as the flagship diesel model. The interior cab of the eSprinter Tipper is also brilliantly versatile and can certainly provide you and your colleagues with the comfort you need on those cold morning commutes to the site.

Electric vehicles all across the globe have some of the best vehicle interiors. There’s no guessing why really considering the brilliant technology most of them boast. However, there are other benefits to the cab space of electric vehicles. In the eSpirinter, one of these benefits is just how quiet the cab is in comparison to its combustion engine cousin. The electric motor is practically silent so you can enjoy your commute in peace.

Pros & Cons


  • Quite and comfortable

  • Great driveability

  • Large load capacity


  • Expensive

  • Fairly low range

  • Small payload

The Verdict

Electric vehicles are on the rise. There’s no denying that in the next few years we will begin to see many more vans on our roads which are powered only by electric motors. Inevitably, as more vans are produced and distributed, the manufacturers will become increasingly efficient at building these vans. This will mean the price will go down and quality will go up. However, for an electric tipper van in 2022, the Mercedes eSprinter Tipper is arguably the best choice on the market. It’s large, reliable, and extremely comfortable, which means for eco-conscious tradespeople and delivery companies it is the ideal choice.

Are you after a new electric van? or perhaps you’ve just started looking and need a professional’s opinion. In any case, Van Sales UK can help. We have plenty of highly experienced staff that are more than happy to chat with you and discuss your options. Contact us today and start your new van journey!


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