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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Review

July 3rd, 2023

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter At A Glance

Since the Sprinter was first released in 1995, it has been by some distance the most popular light commercial vehicle in Europe, picking up multiple awards in the process. During our test drive, it was clear to see why – with every demand from a light commercial vehicle covered. Mercedes’s adaptability once again shines through in the updated Sprinter, pushing the boundaries of what a van can be in 2023. This Mercedes-Benz van has deservedly gained a legendary reputation in the sector, not only for its versatility and suitability for different professions, but also for its clear innovation.

The new and improved Mercedes boasts a new front-wheel drive system and refined Distronic adaptive cruise control – which we’ll be covering in more detail later. The Sprinter’s versatility is another asset, being readily available in multiple variations, suiting it to a number of different commercial uses. Available with short, medium, long, and extra-long wheelbases, as well as high and low roof panels, Dropside and Tipper versions are available, with both single and crew cabs.

Intrigued? Read ahead for all you need to know about this brilliant Mercedes option! For detailed information on this fantastic vehicle, consult our standalone review – while there’s plenty of variety included within our huge online database of brand new vehicles.

Engines And Specs

Whilst not staggeringly fuel efficient, the Sprinter’s adaptability and innovation make up for this. The compact transmission of the front-wheel drive system makes it a lighter vehicle and helps the van have an impressive turning circle at low speeds. If we were being critical, the lightness of steering can seem a bit too unreliable at times, though on the flip-side the electric power steering adds solidity when you’re driving at around the national speed limit on motorways or dual carriageways.

2022 Sprinter models are fitted with 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines, replacing the 2.1-litre options of the 2018 generation, and though there is little change to power and torque output from previous version (ranging from 114hp to 190hp and 300Nm to 440Nm), the almost-silent driving experience is significantly improved. In terms of tech, Mercedes’ signature technological advancements in the Sprinter include Distronic adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist. This feature enables the van to go to a complete halt in stop-start traffic and then set off again without any pedal usage.

There are creative additions aplenty, such as the driver fatigue detector, which when detecting a lane change without the indicator being activated, the steering wheel gently vibrates to alert the driver. If you’re acquiring a new van for work, explore a huge selection of practical tradesperson vehicles from leading van manufacturers throughout The United Kingdom, available via finance lease, or as part of a fleet.


Within this Mercedes model, a mix of comfort and practicality are reinforced by a sleek dashboard layout, which boasts an improved navigation system, Bluetooth as standard, and voice control capabilities. Most impressively, Mercedes-Benz created its own version of a digital assistant for this van, though it can often seem almost too responsive to prompts.

Much more luxury-inclined than previous models, with improved soundproofing, a flock finish to the interior, and plywood lining, the cab of this van is a zone designed for comfort. 4G Wi-Fi internet connectivity comes as standard – and is integrated into the Mercedes Pro Connect telematics system. Assorted features make this van extremely enjoyable to drive overall, and perfect for the target demographic of tradespeople who spend long periods on the road. Cab comfort and a very nifty interior make it a joy to spend time in. Here at Van Sales UK, we’re here to help. Take a look at the finance and part exchange offers available to our customers.

Pros And Cons


Exciting technological features

Versatile options

Comfy cab area


Voice control is impressive but is almost too responsive.

Steering can feel too light.

Not the most sustainable option – though an electric variant does exist.

The Verdict

The new Sprinter has not only succeeded in providing both innovation and versatility, but it has refined the van’s interior comfort, taking it to another level. You can never really go wrong with the Mercedes Sprinter, versatile in adapting to your specific needs – and this particular incarnation hits the nail on the head. Although some of the Sprinter’s modern features don’t entirely pay off, they still have certain uses and applications. Impressively attempting to innovate more than other van manufacturers, this is as close to the gold standard as you’ll get, whatever your needs are from a van!

To find out more about what the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has to offer, please get in touch with Van Sales UK. We will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Call us on 0117 205 0797 or email us at


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