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Mercedes-Benz Vito Double Cab Review

April 20th, 2023

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Double Cab at a glance

This Mercedes-Benz vehicle is a classic of the brand’s van range, where the Vito Double Cab provides a comfortable driving experience for long-haul travel, complete with a range of length and body options to allow you to customise your vehicle to your specifications.

The van’s comprehensive load area is fitted with a hard-wearing lining, complete with tie down points for ease of storage. This makes this model an ideal choice for those in construction and engineering industries, with plenty of space for resources, whilst also providing long-drive comfort for site staff.

The Vito range has been on the market since 2015, where Mercedes-Benz have been perfecting this unique model ever since. The van model received a particularly impressive facelift in 2020, where it was equipped with a new fuel efficient engine and more length options, making it a cost-effective and versatile choice for construction transportation.

Read on to find out more about the Vito Double Cab, with details about its engine, interior layout and more.

Engines and Spec

The Mercedes-Benz Vito model is now available in a comprehensive range of models, where the Vito Crew Cab comes in three different lengths, L1, L2 and L3. These vary in their measurements, with the more compact model reaching 4895mm, where the longest vehicle option measures 5370mm.

As the Vito range offers several bespoke specification options, payloads vary widely across different models, where Mercedes provides a Progressive and Premium option for this van type in addition to the three different length options. The L1 Progressive model, for example, can transport 945kg of goods, whilst the long-wheelbase L2 version is built to carry as much as 1215kg.

Engine specifications also vary across the different model options. Front-wheel drive Vito vans are fitted with an energy and cost efficient 1.7 litre engine. In comparison, rear-wheel drive options come with the low-emission 2 litre turbo diesel engine, which makes for a greener driving experience.


The best feature of this van range is the number of personalisation options available, which can help you to adapt your vehicle to your specific needs. The Crew Cab edition provides extra seating up front, which compromises on storage space. This can be ideal if you have a large team with only a small quantity of materials to transport.

As a medium sized van with car-like driver comfort, the Vito makes for a great campervan conversion option, where it provides enough space for necessary amenities, whilst the shorter length version makes the vehicle easy to manoeuver and park. The Progressive trim has a ‘Comfort’ driver’s seat fitted with lumbar support as standard, an essential feature for a relaxing, long-distance drive.

The Premium trim provides extra interior design elements that can make your life easier, where air conditioning is an essential feature for dog walkers and groomers to keep their animals happy. Some models can also be customised to fit extra windows between the loading area and the cab, vital for making sure your dogs are safe and sound during your journey.

This Premium trim also comes with a thorough anti-theft protection package, including double locking, ideal for if you have to leave valuable building equipment in your van overnight.

The CDI Long edition of the Vito pays special attention to the loadbay area, where this option would be great for a range of construction work. The rear doors open 180 degrees, where you can fit three Euro-pallets inside the Long Vito model. An inset step provides easy access to the load area, perfect for onboarding heavy plumbing or roofing equipment, or for removing waste construction materials.

Extra features you can opt for also include additional load-lashing and floor rails, ideal for tying down sensitive electricals or wheeling in waste refuse collection bins. The loadbay is also fitted with an LED strip light that illuminates the area in the dark, perfect for those days when you’re working late and wish to load your equipment safely.

Pros & Cons


  • Customisable lengths to suit your loading needs
  • Comfortable seating to support long drives, either for leisure or work
  • Fuel efficiency to cut down on your transportation costs


  • Limited loading height, which could cause problems for storing large construction materials
  • Outdated and cramped cab-interior, which isn’t ideal for a large crew
  • Other models offer greater load capacities, which may be preferable if you have lots of heavy equipment

The Verdict

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz Vito Double Cab is a highly versatile, practical van option that would suit a range of trades and business ventures. Its medium size would make for an excellent campervan conversion, whilst its easy-access loading bay is a perfect fit for storing a range of construction materials.

Despite its low-tech cab and restricted height, it is an excellent choice for comfort and cost efficiency. If you’d like to find out more about our Mercedes Vito range, then get in touch today, and our team will be happy to support you.


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