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Mercedes-Benz Vito Van Review

October 31st, 2022

The Mercedes-Benz Vito at a Glance

With its first generation being in production between 1996 and 2003, the Mercedes Vito is certainly well-established among mid-size vans. It’s fair to say that it has come a long way since its roots, with the most recent generation offering more comfort and safety features than ever. These include but are not limited to Active Brake ASSIST, which allows the vehicle to brake autonomously in the event that the driver is unable to slow down, and Attention ASSIST, which detects drowsiness in the driver and provides visual and audio alerts.

Mercedes are now offering the Vito in multiple variants: the Vito Panel Van, the Vito Crew Van, the Vito Tourer, and the eVito Electric Panel Van. Furthermore, these are offered in three different lengths; standard (L1), long (L2) and extra-long (L3), allowing you to choose the perfect model for your needs and further tailor it to your requirements.

The Vito Panel Van is perfect for trade workers who travel often and require space for equipment, materials and cargo, whilst the Vito Crew is perfectly suited for transporting multiple workers at one time, or for a tradesperson who wishes to double up their van as a family vehicle outside of work.

Read on to discover why a Vito van could be the ideal choice for you.

Engines and Spec 

All the fuel-powered Vito vans operate using 2.0-litre diesel engines with CDI ignition systems, which reduces their fuel consumption by up to 15% whilst simultaneously offering excellent engine power.

You still have some choice in the engine power of your van, since all Vito Panel and Crew Vans are available in four different engine models with the option for either 110, 114, 116, or 119 CDI. These equate to a horsepower of 102, 136, 163 and 190 respectively.

Other than the eVito Panel Van, all Vito vans use rear-wheel drive, with the 110 and 114 models using 6-speed manual transmission as standard. Mercedes-Benz’s trademark 9-G TRONIC automatic gearbox is the standard for all 116 and 119 models, maximising fuel efficiency and the smoothness of acceleration.

Loading Space

The Vito Panel has an exceptional payload across all three lengths, with a 1,029kg payload for L1, 1,002kg for L2 and 967kg for L3. This exceeds that of many competitors’ panel vans, whose maximum payloads are usually between 800kg and 1000kg. There is 2586mm of loading space available for L1 models, 2831mm for L2 and 3061mm for L3, all of which have a loading volume of 5.5m3.

Meanwhile, the Vito Crew still has an impressive 944kg payload for L1, 919kg for L2 and 904kg for L3. Considering the space taken up by the extra row of seats in a crew van, the loading space is 1419mm for L1, 1644mm for L2 and 1894mm for L3, with a loading volume of 3.1m3 in each.

You can rest assured that both passengers and cargo will be safe when driving the Vito Panel and the Vito Crew; both include features to secure loads safely to avoid damage to the cargo, the van or the passengers. The Vito Panel has a B-pillar bulkhead that protects the driver and passengers from sliding or falling loads, which can be prevented by using the tie-down eyelets on the flooring. There is also the option for anchoring rails and lashing rails on the sidewalls for extra security.


If you wish to travel in comfort, then the Vito is the van for you. The comfortable seats are upholstered in Mercedes’ hardwearing and contemporary Caluma fabric, with the option to upgrade to leatherette upholstery for less maintenance, a smoother feel, and a sleeker appearance. 

In the Vito Panel there is a double seat on the passenger side, allowing up to three people to travel at one time. The Vito Crew, however, offers an additional three seater bench, allowing a total of six people to be transported – this makes it ideal for transporting multiple workers without compromising on space for cargo or equipment in the back. Whilst the second row of seats does eat up some of the loading space, the option for varying lengths that the Vito offers means you are still able to fit in larger or more awkward loads of cargo should you need to.

The featured 7” Audio 30 display screen is connected to a reversing camera, allowing you to safely park and manoeuvre more easily, something that is often harder in larger vehicles such as vans, as well as see any obstacles or pedestrians that otherwise may be obstructed from your view. 

Pros & Cons


  • Available in three different lengths depending on your loading needs.
  • Enhanced safety and security features.
  • Exceptional payload that exceeds that of competitors.


  • Only available in rear-wheel drive unlike older models.
  • Some particularly desirable features are only available as optional extras (at a cost).

The Verdict 

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Vans have safety and practicality at the forefront of their design, without sacrificing comfort. Boasting an impressive payload in both their Panel and Crew models in comparison to competitor vans of the same style, it goes without saying that the Vito Vans are a practical choice for industry and trade workers, especially for those in small businesses. The rear door and sliding side doors allow for easy accessibility when loading and unloading, ideal for those who are required to work at a fast pace and have many jobs to do in a day.

Along with the sleek and stylish interior and exterior design, we think the 2022 Vito models offer excellent all-round value and are going to prove incredibly popular. 

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