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New, Used Or Electric Van – What’s Best?

New, Used Or Electric Van - Van Sales UK
September 18th, 2023

Are you on the hunt for your next van purchase? Deciding between a new, used or electric van can be a tricky decision. Luckily, we’ve provided a thorough breakdown of each category so that you can make the best, and most informed decision. To find out more about each of these types of van, keep on reading!

New Vans

Buying a brand new vehicle will always have that fresh novelty feel, which some drivers desire. A new van will give you peace of mind that you are the first to use it, and you should be safe from faults or damage to the vehicle. The lifespan of a well-kept new van could be from 10-15 years, meaning you should choose your vehicle investment wisely!


  • Modern and more efficient options for your vehicle
  • Maintenance costs are likely to be lower with a new vehicle
  • Having full ownership of the van may give you more freedom to use it and customise it to your own tastes and ideas


  • The upfront costs of buying a new van will be much more expensive
  • Insurance is typically higher on brand new vehicles
  • The value of your vehicle will depreciate over time and you may not get a great return on investment later down the line

Second-Hand Vans

Buying second hand vehicles is great for a range of reasons, and is more cost effective than buying outright. Used vans hold their value relatively well, so if you like to change your vehicle often, second hand could be the way to go.


  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Wide selection of makes & models
  • Price and overall value is better for second hand vehicles


  • You may be uncertain about the vehicle history
  • Certain features may be outdated
  • Lots of damage and repairs can be costly

Electric Vans

More and more cities are introducing clean air or low emission zones, encouraging the use of electric vehicles. Purchasing an electric van can help you to have lower tax payments and avoid congestion charges too. Various government schemes are being set up to encourage the use of electric vehicles too, but are they right for your next purchase?


  • Lower running costs and maintenance
  • Eco-friendly and less emissions released
  • Easy and comfortable to drive, quieter overall


  • Reduced payload (not great if you rely on your van to transport lots of heavy goods)
  • Depreciation also applies to electric vehicles (bad ROI in future)
  • Charging points can be difficult to access and you’re not always guaranteed a charger


Here at Vanaways, we are proud to offer electric vans for sale, used and new vans as well as services such as vans on finance. To find out more about our services, or what we do, feel free to contact us today!


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