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Nissan Interstar Luton Review

April 28th, 2023

The Nissan Interstar Luton at a glance

The Luton van is a version of the box truck, with an enclosed box body that extends over the chassis cab. While this compartment above the cab was first used for small goods such as hats, the Luton van is now a popular choice in a number of industries, offering plenty of cargo space as well as an aerodynamic design that makes the medium to large-size vehicle quite a fuel-efficient ride.

Since 1999, Nissan and Renault have been in a strategic alliance, which involves some crossover between the makes of their cars. The Renault Master first hit the roads in the 1980s, becoming a very popular large van in their range. In 1999, the Nissan Interstar became available, based on the Renault Master.

Over the years the Interstar has been upgraded and optimised, even briefly becoming the Nissan NV400, before reverting back to the Interstar name in 2022. It is available in a range of body types, including tipper, panel van, dropside and more. But today, we will be focusing on the Nissan Interstar Luton.

If you’re wondering what jobs and industries this van will be best for, read on to find out a bit more about this vehicle.

Engines and Spec

The Nissan Interstar Luton is powered by a four-cylinder engine available in three different versions. The 2.3-litre dCi diesel Euro 6d-TEMP engine is extremely versatile and perfect for a range of applications, including different job types. It is capable of generating increased torque at low revs, which makes for improved acceleration in city settings as well as the power necessary for motorway driving.

This makes the Nissan Interstar a perfect vehicle for both in-city jobs and work that requires you to go further afield. The version of the Nissan Interstar Luton available from Van Sales UK comes with a tail lift, a great tool that allows for the easy loading and unloading of goods. This makes the van a perfect choice for jobs which might require frequent loading/unloading, such as movers or delivery drivers.


The interior of the Nissan Interstar Luton is a practical, spacious setting that will keep you comfortable while driving as well as provide plenty of storage space. It can easily be adapted into an office on the go, perfect for jobs where you might have to do paperwork or other important tasks from your van.

The interior has recently undergone a refresh, including a brand new dashboard and steering wheel, plus an optional infotainment system available. You can also benefit from an adjustable seat and wheel height, allowing you to easily adjust on the go depending on your needs. The office environment is enhanced with overhead shelves, a chilled glovebox and cubby holes for storing things.

Pros & Cons


  • Eco mode
  • Plenty of customisation
  • High payload


  • Some problems with performance

The Verdict

Overall the Nissan Interstar is a great vehicle that can be used in a variety of industries. Luton vans are the type of van most popular in the removals industry, due to the ability to safely transport vast quantities without damaging items. You can also secure goods inside with ease, using helpful straps and connecting points. Aside from this, the Nissan Interstar Luton is a versatile vehicle that can be used in a number of industries, such as for delivering large goods or even on a construction site.

As well as businesses, it can be an ideal choice for somebody running a small business. If you don’t have a headquarters, a Luton van is a great type of van to store all of your stock in, acting as a warehouse on wheels. It also has enough space that you can operate a business out of the back with ease, such as a mobile dog groomer.

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