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Nissan Interstar Van Review

July 3rd, 2023

The Nissan Interstar Van at a glance

A reliable van can be the lifeblood of any good business. It can shepherd employees from place to place, carry equipment/valuables and overall be used as a piece of advertisement for your business. This is why when it comes to picking a van you choose wisely.

Your choice of van can have a big impact on productivity and profit. Pick an unsuitable van and you might find that you’ve made life harder for you and your employees. Common issues could include not having enough of a payload, the fuel efficiency not being what you desire or an uncomfortable ride that will not encourage employees or you to work at your best.

Van Sales UK knows the importance of a reliable van for your business, so have written this helpful guide to one of our top choices: The Nissan Interstar.

Engines and Spec

The Nissan Interstar has been a popular vehicle for sale by Nissan since 1999. It is a large van mostly used by commercial customers and available in various different body types and sizes. Since its launch, it has gone through numerous changes and facelifts, currently available in the 3rd generation which launched in 2010 and the most recent facelift occurred in 2019.

The Nissan Interstar is powered by a four-cylinder, 16-valve twin-turbo diesel engine. This engine has been specifically designed for driving at city speeds, generating increased torque at low revs and suitable power when reaching motorway speeds. This makes it an ideal choice for those zipping around urban environments, but also for those whose business requires them to drive long distances.


The Nissan Interstar has a spacious interior which is ideal if working on the go. It can easily turn into a mobile office, with a comfortable amount of space to sort through documents, sign papers and even get a laptop out to do work. The recent facelift includes a restyled dashboard to make everything more accessible and easy to use, as well as improved storage. This includes side door bins, overheard shelves, cupholders and a glove box.

The Nissan Interstar features a spacious rear space which can hold a lot! The design can hold a maximum payload of up to nearly 4500kg, so is most suitable for businesses looking to carry a lot around. With tipper and dropside options, you can make unloading and loading a breeze, perfect for businesses such as construction sites that need to quickly move things between locations in a timely manner. Even the panel van option features a large side-sliding door to ensure you can put equipment and materials in safely, even when they are tricky shapes.

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable ride

  • Plenty of body type options

  • Good for both city and urban driving


  • Battery issues

  • Fuel economy

  • Immobiliser issues

The Verdict

Overall the Nissan Interstar is a great van choice for a range of businesses, especially because of the number of body types that the range offers. You can pick a vehicle that fits your specific needs, whether you need a crew van to carry workers between sites quickly or a Luton to safely transport goods across the country without harming them.

Now that you’ve found out more about the Nissan Interstar and which industries/jobs it’s most suited for, it’s time to shop! Here at Van Sales UK, you can get your hands on the Nissan Interstar van in over ten different body types! This includes both single & double cab dropside & tippers, a low loader, a crew van, a Luton or 3 sizes of panel van.

If you’re looking for a way to show a commitment to the environment, you might also consider the Nissan e-Interstar. It has all the great features of the Interstar but with an electric engine that won’t produce any harmful emissions. We have a range of body types available, including as a tipper, dropside, Luton or 3 different panel van sizes.

You can truly get the precise vehicle that will work best for your business, whether you’re looking to prioritise cargo, passenger amount or comfort. Shopping with Van Sales UK is the best way to get your hands on vans, as we offer free nationwide delivery as well as great warranties and breakdown cover.

Get your van the way you want it, with competitive finance rates, leasing and part exchanges welcome. If purchasing more than one van, we can also get you great deals on fleets of vehicles by working directly with manufacturers.

So why wait? Shop today for the Nissan Interstar or get in touch if you have any further questions for us.


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