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Nissan Interstar Van Review

October 12th, 2022

The Nissan Interstar Van At A Glance

Though Nissan are well known for their sporty vehicle models, they once more prove to be much more than a road car manufacturer, with this fantastic and thoroughly equipped commercial van. Benefitting from varied cab types and model-specific features, there are plenty of major selling points to this bulky-yet-efficient vehicle. There is a clear understanding that business needs will likely vary from customer to customer, with optional extras aplenty and a genuine understanding of differing commercial requirements.

A no-fuss interior, generous rear space and versatile functionality are just the beginning when you acquire a Nissan Interstar variant from Van Sales UK. Looking for a cab with additional seating and room? Or perhaps you need enhanced storage capabilities for the transport of heavier loads and sizable hauls? With Dropside, High Roof, Tipper, Luton and Low Loader variants, you won’t ever need to settle for an unsuitable van when selecting your new work vehicle.

Read on for our detailed thoughts on this fantastic Nissan van, including insight on the payload, optional features, value for money and much much more.

Engines and Spec

As there are so many variants to the Interstar, we will be providing an overview of the traditional Front Wheel Drive Panel Van design, so please bear in mind that technical and engine specs will likely vary between models. Even this specific model offers additional choice, available with three different lengths, three different heights and up to 14.8m³ of cargo volume to utilise.

The L1H2 design is able to seamlessly carry a maximum payload of up to 1570kg – impressive even for a van of this size and prestige. A large side sliding door measuring 1050mm in width ensures plenty of room to navigate equipment and materials into the storage compartment, while a rear door height of 1820mm ensures even the trickiest objects can be fitted and secured with no hassle.

In terms of the engine, a 2.3-litre dCi diesel Euro 6d-TEMP is selected, while 110PS and 135PS are both available – with more than enough horsepower to help you in navigating busy roads and inner-city streets. Seating capacity is 3-person as standard, though one of the many optional features will allow your van to come decked out with additional seated space. If you’re unsure about the long-term use of a diesel vehicle considering the current climate, the Nissan Interstar can even be purchased as a comprehensive electric vehicle.


As a commercial vehicle, convenience features of course aren’t prioritised – the dashboard area is rather minimalistic for example, however there are driver assistance systems included as standard, a roomy interior space, and more. DAB radio integration, adjustable seats and an interactive driver interface make longer journeys that bit more bearable. With storage capacity perhaps one of the van’s standout features, it seems only correct that this becomes apparent within the cab too – A large pull-out tray and generous door panel storage are brilliant for regular users.

As mentioned earlier, this van was created with varied professionals in mind, therefore the options may not seem as black-and-white as they first seem. From large cup holders and chilled glove boxes, to compartments for laptops, gadgets and paperwork, the interior can even be fitted with a clipboard which folds out of the dashboard – fantastic for holding maps or relevant invoice information.

Storage & Payload

Considered a larger van, the Nissan Interstar certainly does not disappoint with a surprisingly stylised bulky exterior, expectedly generous payload and plenty of nifty storage additions. We would recommend this van for tradespeople who require an exceptionally large storage area, while low loader varieties are especially desirable when storing cargo which is tricky to lift from the ground.

Multiple distinct models allow for the easy containment of everything from poles and pylons to weighty bags of concrete. With the option of receiving your van as a timely delivery, acquiring used via lease, or even obtaining an adaptable Nissan Interstar vehicle via part-exchange, the choice is completely yours.

Pros & Cons


  • Varied models for plenty of choice

  • Bumper payload capacity

  • Fantastic attention-to-detail


  • Limited in-cab features

  • Not as nimble or road-ready as other designs

  • Just 3 seats as standard

The Verdict

Overall the Nissan Interstar van benefits from an array of quality features and optional extras, with an admirable storage capacity, stylised bulky body and multiple versatile model choices. A suitable choice for individuals seeking a van that is large, multifunctional and trustworthy. To discover all the Nissan Interstar has to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales UK. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have and, if you’re unsure, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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