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Nissan Townstar Review

Nissan Townstar Review - Van Sales UK
August 4th, 2023

The Townstar at a glance

We’re sure that you are aware of a wide range of incredibly capable and well-built vans on the market today and it’s safe to say that it can be difficult to choose between them at times. Though, there is no doubt that Nissan has some of the most reliable and well-powered vans on the market today and you should certainly consider their options as your next vehicle. The fact is that Nissan are known around the world for their impeccable reliability and you should always consider them if you use your vehicle for work purposes. So, what about the Townstar?

When it comes to convenience, you won’t find much better than this van on the market. Its small compact size makes it the perfect fit for roles that require plenty of driving. Certainly, if it’s low running costs and ease of use that you’re after, then you will get it in truckloads with this van. We really believe that this van is one of the most well-developed all-rounders we’ve seen in a long time and have a great deal of faith that it will serve you and your business well. When it comes to the industries that it best suits, we would say that sectors such as carpentry, plumbing and delivery work are all great fits for the Townstar.

Engines and Spec

As we’re sure you are aware, the engine is one of the most important parts of any van and especially if you work within the trade industry. With this kind of job, you will need a van that can perform day-in-day-out without so much as a second thought about its reliability. Of course, we understand that this isn’t always the case and with a vehicle you use every day for your profession, things will go wrong at times. Though with this Nisan Townstar, you will come as close as possible to a van that is completely reliable. In fact, it holds an outstanding reputation in the industry as containing one of the most reliable engines on the market. So, what about its power?

Power is also fairly important when it comes to vans in the trade industry, as it will need to have the torque and horsepower to carry heavy loads in the cargo area. The 1.3-litre petrol engine in the Townstar kicks out a surprising amount of power, considering the size of the engine as it produces 130hp and 240Nm of torque. Of course, for such a small van this amount of power is more than enough and it will serve you very well indeed. What’s more, with a smaller engine size, you will benefit from reduced fuel consumption and cost.


The interior is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of a van, as you need the space and capabilities to carry all of your equipment and tools. You’ll be pleased to hear the Nisan certainly will not let you down on this front. There is plenty of storage throughout the vehicle and you will also find a great deal of technology. Certainly, you can rest assured that the Nisan has one of the best interiors out of any van on the market today. All of this makes the Townstar a great fit if you work in the trade industry.

Pros & Cons


  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Plenty of storage
  • Modern design


  • No diesel variant
  • On the high end of the price bracket

The Verdict

One thing is for sure, the Townstar is going to take the Van sector by storm. After all, the van has sharp looks, a great engine and brilliant storage capabilities, which makes it the perfect van for any tradesperson. As we have mentioned, Nissan comes with a world-famous reputation for quality and reliability which only strengthens the narrative that the Townstar could be a true great among vans. There are also a variety of electric options, so if you need a zero-emission vehicle then Nisan have you covered on this front as well. One thing is for sure: we truly believe the Townstar is the right choice for you.

If you have any questions about this van, or any other van for that matter, then make sure you contact us today. We have many years of experience in the industry and can certainly help you with any questions you might have. What’s more, we pride ourselves on listening to your needs and making sure we provide the service you deserve.


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