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Our 4 Tips For Saving Van Fuel

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July 20th, 2022

With rising fuel prices it is increasingly important to ensure that opportunities are taken by businesses to improve fuel economy where possible. There is a range of approaches which can have a positive impact on fuel efficiency. These include regular servicing, smooth driving, upgrading your tyre and upgrading your van. One popular option when upgrading vans for business owners is to purchase or lease an electric van. This can have a particularly beneficial impact where driving is required in city centres as savings can be made on congestion charges when driving an electric vehicle. 

Read more for some tips on ways to save van fuel.

Regular Servicing

One step to ensuring that your vehicle is operating fuel efficiently is by scheduling regular servicing. In addition to resolving issues that could impact fuel consumption, regularly scheduled maintenance also means that any issues are resolved before they become more serious. There is a wide range of checks carried out in a vehicle service covering a number of different potential issues. If fuel efficiency is a concern with your vehicle it can be a good idea to ask your local garage if there are any vehicle maintenance steps that could improve this.

Driving Smoothly

Smooth driving can have a noticeable impact on fuel costs. By accelerating and decelerating gradually it is possible to ensure that more fuel is not used than necessary. Investing in a satnav to plan routes and avoid congested roads can be a useful step to helping make journeys smoother and more fuel-efficient. The Energy Saving Trust has a wide range of useful resources available including a guide on energy-efficient driving for vehicle fleets.

New Tyres

Changing the tyres on your van can lead to big savings in terms of fuel consumption. Depending on road and weather conditions there are different tyres suited to each vehicle It is also important to ensure that tyres are inflated to the right pressure in order to maximise performance. In addition to giving increased traction and improving fuel efficiency, properly-inflated tyres in good condition are also highly important from a safety standpoint. 

Upgrading Your Van

If fuel efficiency is presenting an issue with your vehicle it can be worth looking at different options for cheap new vans. Investing in a newer make and model can be a great investment in reducing fuel costs in the long run. There is a range of factors to consider when choosing the most economical van for your business. One factor that can affect fuel economy is whether a van is overloaded. Choosing a van that is well suited to the requirements of your business will help ensure a return on investment in terms of fuel efficiency.

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