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Peugeot Boxer Tipper Review

September 26th, 2022

Peugeot Boxer Tipper At A Glance

At Van Sales UK, we’re always looking for vans which place convenience and adaptability at the forefront, and Boxer Tippers from Peugeot not only incorporate the road-ready features you would likely desire from a tradesperson’s tipper van, but also plenty of additional extras for useability and comfort. With the trademark roaring lion badge and desirable attention-to-detail, Peugeot cars and vans are famed for fine craftsmanship and reliability – both of which are evident within the Boxer Tipper. Variation and plentiful choice are the order of the day, and with a spacious interior, payload and attractive aesthetic options to opt for, single-cab and crew-cab options can cater for individual contractors and fleets alike.

Though you may expect a comprehensive tipper model to be unsuitable for the hustle and bustle of city life, we found this vehicle to be surprisingly nimble on the roads, so whether you work in a settled suburban location, or find yourself navigating from A to B through busier streets, this may be the tipper to acquire. Recommended for professionals who regularly transport large loads, as well as those who require a spacious storage area and tipping functionality for ease-of-use, this is just the latest in a long line of desirable tippers we happily supply to construction specialists nationwide.

Seamlessly tip bulk loads from the rear with controls located comfortably in the vehicle cab. As standard, the L2 Single Cab variant retains a 3,450mm wheelbase, while sideboard and tailboard heights of 400mm and 600mm respectively ensure secure storage of equipment, components or materials. A maximum 1,222kg payload ensures more bang for your buck, meanwhile a driver and two passengers can be contained within the spacious interior – ideal for a team of professionals.

Though significant negative attributes of the Peugeot Boxer Tipper include a lack of tech options, there are plenty of optional accessories to consider. Boxer Tipper vans are available in a choice of varied cab colours relevant to your fleet, be it Bianca White, Clipper Blue, Dragoon Blue, Volcano Red, Horizon Yellow or metallic Aluminium and Graphite Grey. Continue checking our used and new vehicle catalogue for the latest Peugeot options, and read on for a detailed breakdown of the Boxer Tipper.

Engines and Spec

A manual diesel van with a 2.2 engine, the Peugeot Boxer Tipper is as impressive on paper as it is in practice. The single-tipper model retains an internal length of 2,870mm and internal width of 2,026mm, while at 5,895mm in overall length, this bulky van is sturdy and sizable enough to contain various loads. Benefit from a sturdy gantry top rail, offering additional 400kg capacity for over-length loads. Easy tipping is ensured with streamlined functionality and easy-to-learn controls, so much so that we would suggest this desirable Peugeot van for those who are navigating a tipper for the very first time.

Protective coating and a thoroughly protected rear storage section resists denting from potentially harmful loads such as rock, stone and aggregate, and a cushy multifunctional storage area prevents the need for cramming, reducing the potential of damage to loads. The Peugeot Boxer Tipper is available from Van Sales UK, and can be acquired either pre-used with low mileage, completely new, or as a lease option for your specific financial needs. Don’t miss out on this highly-usable tipper, with free delivery to your site or domestic premises when required.


Interior space, features and design are unlikely to be at the top of your agenda when it comes to selecting a van, but they can certainly be a satisfactory bonus. Equipped with a central console and desirable comfort features, while this particular model may not include the innovative premium gadgets and in-cab tech of other tradesperson vans, where it excels is making your working life easier. The manually-operated body prop is controlled from the comfort of your cab, supporting the body in a raised position for additional operator safety. Meanwhile, a cab-mounted cable remote control activates the tipping gear, with integrated safety cut-out switch for enhanced protection. Peace of mind concerning vehicle safety is provided by the compact tipper mechanism, which seamlessly fits inside the body sub-frame away from harm. Peugeot are clearly a company who care about user safety, with practical features aplenty.

Storage & Payload

The accessibility of this Peugeot Tipper makes it ideal for professions including landscapers and tree surgeons, with easy access to a simple-yet-effective tipper mechanism. A keen attention-to-detail in terms of the design is particularly pleasing, demonstrated within an external tailboard finish. The details include full high-visibility markings, with rear lights visible while the board is positioned horizontally. The tailboard also incorporates a long-load lashing rail in top edge as standard.

As mentioned previously, a maximum 1,222kg payload ensures transportation of varied products, equipment and loads within the L2. There is scope for more interior seating if you opt for the L3 Cab model, as a tradeoff for decreased payload.

Pros & Cons


  • Recognisable Peugeot quality
  • Choice of payload options as a tradeoff for passenger seating
  • Tipper functionality is safe and easy to use


  • Technology options are basic
  • Other similarly priced vans may possess a larger interior
  • Not the most environmentally friendly (though an electric variant is available)

The Verdict

For tradespeople requiring a comfortable interior space and multiple storage options, as well as recognisable vehicle craftsmanship from a trustworthy brand, this van is a great candidate. Simplify tasks and complete jobs to a high standard with a practical set-up and easy-to-learn tipper interface.

When investing in a fleet  or one-off work vehicle, you want to choose a brand which can be trusted, and Peugeot supply some of the best vans around. To discover what Boxer Tippers have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales UK. We’re here to answer any questions you may have! Call us now on 0117 428 7721 or send an email to


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